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Somawathi Raja Maha Viharaya - Things to Know Before Visiting

Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Buddhist Temples

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About Somawathi Raja Maha Viharaya

It is a Buddhist Stupa located in the old city of Polonnaruwa and situated in the Somawathiya National Park on the Mahaweli River's left edge. It is believed to built to enshrine the right canine relic of the tooth of the Buddha. It is named after Princess Somawathi, the sister of King Kavantissa, and the wife of regional ruler Prince Abhaya.

Attractions Near Somawathi Raja Maha Viharaya

Gal Vihara (Rock Temple)
Gal Vihara (Rock Temple)24.94km from Somawathi Raja Maha Viharaya

It is also known as Gal Viharaya and formerly as the Uttararama.It is a rock temple of the Buddha located in North Central Province, Sri Lanka and was created in the 12th century by Parakramabahu I, the king of the old Kingdom of Polonnaruwa. The temple's central feature is four rock relief statues of the Buddha, which are carved into the face of a granite rock.

Rankoth Vehera
Rankoth Vehera25.68km from Somawathi Raja Maha Viharaya

It is a hemispherical structure located in the old city of Polonnaruwa. Nissanka Malla of Polonnaruwa built the stupa who used to be the country ruler from 1187 to 1196. The currently used name Rankoth Vehera means in English Gold Pinnacled.

Polonnaruwa Vatadage
Polonnaruwa Vatadage26.7km from Somawathi Raja Maha Viharaya

It is an old site belonging back to the Kingdom of Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka. It believed to be built either through the reign of "Parakramabahu I", to hold the Relic of the tooth of the Buddha, or while the reign of Nissanka Malla of Polonnaruwa to hold the alms bowl used by the Buddha.

Nissankalata Mandapa
Nissankalata Mandapa26.7km from Somawathi Raja Maha Viharaya

Nissanka Latha Mandapaya is a unique structure in the old city of Polonnaruwa in North Central Province, Sri Lanka. Built by King Nissanka Malla and named after him, it is located near the western entrance of the Dalada Maluva, the area that has the oldest and the holiest monuments in the city.

Kaudulla National Park
Kaudulla National Park32.19km from Somawathi Raja Maha Viharaya

It is a national park located 197 km away from Colombo city. In April 2002, it was designated as a national park to become the 15th such in the country. Historically it was one of the 16 irrigation tanks built by King Mahasen and was reconstructed in 1959, now attracting and supporting a variety of plant and animal life, including large mammals, fish and reptiles.

Hurulu Forest Reserve
Hurulu Forest Reserve36.48km from Somawathi Raja Maha Viharaya

Hurulu Forest Reserve of Sri Lanka designated in January 1977 as a biosphere reserve. The forest reserve is an essential habitat of the Sri Lankan elephant. Hurulu forest reserve represents Sri Lanka dry-zone dry evergreen forests. Carved out at the Hurulu Forest Reserve edge is the Hurulu Eco Park, which offers jeep safaris.

Where is Somawathi Raja Maha Viharaya

Discover More Attractions in North Central Province, Where Somawathi Raja Maha Viharaya Is Located

North Central Province

It is the biggest province located in the north middle in Sri Lanka, with 10,472 km2 covering around 16% of the Sri Lankan landmass. It has two districts; Polonnaruwa and the largest district that covers 68% of the province and the capital Anuradhapura. More than 65% of the province population depends on basic agriculture and agro-based industries.