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Low-level clouds in the sky blanket the Mossy Forest with constant wind and moisture creating an ideal biotope for moss, ferns, lichen, and orchids.

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Mount Batu Brinchang

Mount Batu Brinchang

0.75km from Mossy Forest

Gunung Brinchang is the second highest mountain in the Cameron Highlands after Gunung Irau. This mountain attracts many visitors due to its easy accessibility. At slightly more than 2,000 meters, the peak of Brinchang is where you get a magnificent view of the Cameron Highlands landscape, draped in lush rainforest.

Mount Irau

Mount Irau

1.95km from Mossy Forest

Mount Irau is a high mountain located at Perak. Its summit is 2110 meters, making it the 15th highest mountain in Malaysia. One must hike about three hours to reach Irau from the base of the mountain. It takes around 3-4 hours to reach the peak.

Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel

3.34km from Mossy Forest

The Time Tunnel is Malaysia's first memorabilia museum. Located in Brinchang, it is recognised as one of the main attractions of the Cameron Highlands. There are more than 4,000 objects and photographs on display here. They are showcased in eight galleries covering an area of approximately 14,000 square feet.

Sam Poh Temple

Sam Poh Temple

4.08km from Mossy Forest

The Sam Poh Tong Temple is a Chinese temple built within a limestone cave and is the oldest and the main cave temple in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The temple was built in a raw limestone cave in the mountains located about 5 km from the city center and follows the Buddhist branch of Mahāyāna Buddhism.

Boh Tea Plantation

Boh Tea Plantation

9.63km from Mossy Forest

BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd is the largest black tea manufacturer in Malaysia, with both domestic and international distribution owned by BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd. The BOH Tea Plantation, which is located at Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia, is also the largest tea plantation in Malaysia. It is very cool to see the greenish tea plantations and walking through it.

Mount Korbu

Mount Korbu

19.89km from Mossy Forest

Mount Korbu is the highest peak in Titiwangsa Mountains and the second highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia, standing at 2,813 meters.

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Albin Varghese

Albin Varghese


Planned this trip just to escape from the heaty weather in Singapore. The place was super chilled. Traffic was very bad. We went to watch sunrise which was spectacular. It took about 1.5hours to travel 12kms.
Subash Ckd

Subash Ckd


It was my second visit to Mossy forest. Mossy forest stays the same even after 5 years. Reached about 9 am   the mist was gone almost at that time.
Albin Varghese

Albin Varghese


I absolutely loved this place. We took the "lazy" walk up the mossy forest from the highest accessible point of Mount Brinchang since we came here with young children. However I would encourage anyone who has time and stamina to spend, to trek through the various trails available through Mount Brinchang to the Mossy Forest to experience maximum connection with the natural environment of Cameron Highlands. The Lazy walk is essentially a stroll along the wooden boardwalk built at the highest accessible point of Mount Brinchang and the main entrance to it is accessible by vehicular transport. Walking along the boardwalk would take about 30 to 45 mins depending on how fast you walk. Nevertheless, it allows you to catch a glimpse into the enchanting, mystical atmosphere of the forest. As expected, the forest is filled with moss and amazing structures formed by plants, trees and flowers. Would strongly encourage you to stop and admire the flora within the forest. Because the forest is at the highest accessible point of Mount Brinchang, clouds pass by at the overhead of the forest and creates a nice feeling walking just right under the clouds. Try to go with a local guide as the guide would be able to explain to you the different types of flora found here which will help you appreciate the forest even more. The boardwalk is suitable for most including young children but not really recommended for elderly folks as there are many steps to climb and the walkway can be rather slippery as it is wet from the condensation of the moisture from the overhanging clouds. There are a few small sheltered huts along the walkway for resting. Would highly recommend to visit this place to truly understand why Cameron Highlands is one of the most beautiful place in Malaysia
Subash Ckd

Subash Ckd


Like you might have guessed the Mossy Forest has its name from all the moss that covers big parts of almost every tree. In this height the constant clouds offer enough moisture for the moss to grow everywhere. Everything is shrouded in deep green and make you feel like walking in a magical world of fairy tales. Also the walk is in great shape, considering the pretty wet surrounding, some trees and branches managed to get into our way. We had to duck and get on my knees a few times, but in the end this brings you even closer to this unique piece of nature. The board walk is a oneway track so there is no other option than walking back to the street. Now that you have made it that far, you don't want to miss out on the real top of the mountain.
Akhil V

Akhil V




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