Tsubasa Bridge in Kandal Province, Cambodia - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Tsubasa Bridge

Neak Loeung, Kilometer 60, Kandal Province,, Cambodia


About Tsubasa Bridge

Tsubasa Bridge, also known as Neak Loeung Bridge, links Kandal Province with the town of Neak Loeung, Prey Veng Province in Cambodia, on the heavily travelled Highway 1 between Phnom Penh, and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. It was one of the architectural wonders in this area.

Attractions near Tsubasa Bridge

Bung Binh Thien45.59km from Tsubasa Bridge

This is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Located in An Phu District, province of An Giang, The lake covers about 200-300 hectares in width and four meters in depth in the dry season. It is now one of the beautiful attraction in this area and also a main water resource.

Angkor Borei45.65km from Tsubasa Bridge

The ancient Funan sites of Angkor Borei and Phnom Da are located in the Angkor Borei District, Takéo Province, of southern Cambodia. The earliest dated archaeological material from these sites is from roughly 400 BC. They contain the earliest known dated Khmer inscriptions as well as the earliest tradition of Khmer sculpture. The hill of Phnom Da contains an 11th Century temple that is still standing.

Tonle Bati47.89km from Tsubasa Bridge

Tonle Bati is a popular lake and picnic area that has bamboo shacks built out over the water that people can rent out for eating and whiling away the day. It's generally a weekend get-away spot.

Chi So Mountain and temple50.74km from Tsubasa Bridge

Phnom Chiso is a historical site located in Sia village. Phnom Chiso temple was built in the early 11th century by King Suryavarman I , who practiced Brahmanism. Constructed of sandstone and other stones, it is 60 meters long and 50 meters wide and sits atop a mountain.  It was one of the main tourist attractions in Cambodia.

Chùa Giồng Thành54.73km from Tsubasa Bridge

Giong Thanh Pagoda is one of the relics in An Giang, which was recognized by the State and ranked as a national in 1986.  From the outside, the pagoda has an Indian architectural appearance with a two-storey funnel-shaped tower, decorated with many elegant motifs, but in general, Giong Thanh Pagoda is a harmonious architectural block in Asian style - Europe with a building in the shape of a "double happiness".

Tây An Cổ Tự Pagoda69.59km from Tsubasa Bridge

One of the beautiful Buddhist pagoda which was located in the heart of the An Giang province which was famous for its architecture and historical significance. The pagoda was classified as a "national art and architecture" relic by the Ministry of Culture in 1980 and recognized by the Vietnamese Book of Records as a "temple with an architectural combination of Indian architectural style. and the first ancient architecture in Vietnam.

Where is Tsubasa Bridge

Discover more attractions in Kandal Province, where Tsubasa Bridge is located

Kandal Province2 attractions

Kandal is a province of Cambodia located in the southeast portion of the country.  It is the second-most populous province in Cambodia after the capital Phnom Penh. Its capital and largest city are Ta Khmao.