Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng in Sukhothai, Thailand - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng

Nong O, Si Satchanalai District, Sukhothai 64190, Thailand

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About Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng

The Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng is a 13th-century temple located near the Yom River in Si Satchanalai Historical Park. The temple is found on top of a hill surrounded by forest, overlooking part of the ancient town.

Attractions near Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng

Si Satchanalai Historical Park1.01km from Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng

Si Satchanalai Historical Park is a beautiful and peaceful historical place to visit. It is very similar to Sukhothai Historical Park. Si Satchanalai was built as a satellite city from Sukothai because of its strategic location.

Wat Khung Taphao44.89km from Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng

Wat Khung Taphao is an ancient temple was established by King of Thonburi in the early 18th century. This temple is well known that it is the oldest in the Kung Taphao sub-district that includes Buddha's relics and two important Buddha images.

Sukhothai Historical Park47.1km from Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng

Sukhothai Historical Park covers an area of about 70sqkm and contains more than 190 historical ruins. Sukhothai means literally translated “Dawn of Happiness”. In 1238, the city was founded from an ancient Khmer settlement. For 140 years, it was the capital of the first independent kingdom Sukhothai.

Sangkhalok Museum47.2km from Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng

The museum displays the collection of Sangkhalok and ceramic wares produced in the ancient Lanna Kingdom.

Wat Pa Mamuang47.58km from Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng

Situated in the west of Sukhothai province, this temple was mentioned in several stone inscriptions of the Sukhothai period. Now the remains of buildings in the temple include the ordination hall and chedi.

Saritphong Dam49.24km from Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng

The Saritphong Dam was built in the 14th century and had the function of restoring the main water reservoir to the drinking water supply of the capital of the ancient kingdom Sukhothai.

Where is Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng

Discover more attractions in Sukhothai, where Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng is located

Sukhothai7 attractions

Sukhothai province was once the kingdom and the first capital of Thailand founded by King Ramkhamhaeng. The province's temples and monuments have been well restored and Sukhothai Historical Park is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.