Bueng Si Fai - 6 Things to Know Before Visiting

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About Bueng Si Fai

Bueng Si Fai freshwater lake at Nai Mueang is a large body of fresh water located in the central region of Thailand. It is one of the country's most important lakes, providing water for domestic and agricultural use. The lake is a shallow depth lake, with depth of 1.5 to 2 meters. It is home to a variety of fish species, as well as reptiles, amphibians, and birds.

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Things to Do at Bueng Si Fai

Although it's not as well-known as some of Thailand's other tourist destinations, Bueng Si Fai offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll around the lake, go for a swim, hire a boat, or feed the fish.

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Best Time to Visit Bueng Si Fai

The best time to visit Bueng Si Fai freshwater lake Nai Mueang is from November to February. This is the cool and dry season in Thailand when temperatures are pleasant and there is little rainfall. November to February is also the ideal time for bird watching, as many migratory birds come to Thailand during this period.

Tips for Visiting Bueng Si Fai

  1. The best time to visit Bueng Si Fai is during the dry season from November to April when the water level is lower and you can see more of the rock formations. The rainy season from May to October brings heavy rains and high water levels which can make it difficult to explore the lake.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes that you don't mind getting wet as you will likely be wading through some shallow areas of water.
  3. Bring plenty of bug spray as there are mosquitoes around the lake.
  4. Pack a lunch or snacks as there are not many vendors at the lake.

Interesting Facts and Trivias About Bueng Si Fai

  1. The lake is home to a variety of freshwater fish species, including tilapia and catfish.
  2. Bueng Si Fai is also home to several bird species.
  3. Bueng Si Fai is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Thailand and covers an area of approximately 2,000 acres.

Opening Hours of Bueng Si Fai

The freshwater lake Nai Mueang is open to the public every day from 6:00 am until 6:00 pm. This spot is perfect for a morning walk or an afternoon picnic. The lake is surrounded by lush vegetation, and there are plenty of benches and tables where you can relax and enjoy the views.

Attractions Near Bueng Si Fai

Wat Tha Luang

Wat Tha Luang

2.87km from Bueng Si Fai

Wat Tha Luang is a Thai Buddhist temple in Tambon Nai Mueang, Amphoe Mueang Phichit, Phichit Province, upper central Thailand. Regarded as the most famous temple in the province and also considered as provincial temple. The temple sits on the Nan River's west bank close to the Provincial Hall.

Wat Chula Manee Temple

Wat Chula Manee Temple

42.65km from Bueng Si Fai

Wat Chulamani is a Buddhist temple in Wat Chulamani Village, Phitsanulok Province, Thailand. It is the oldest standing temple in Phitsanulok Province. It was built in the Sukhothai era. The temple is famous for its elaborate Khmer style pagoda.

Wat Nang Phaya

Wat Nang Phaya

45.31km from Bueng Si Fai

Wat Nang Phaya is a monastery in Phitsanulok, Thailand, which was said to have been built when Phitsanulok was ruled by King Trailokanat. Wat Nang Phraya has no temple, but it is known for its Phrara Nang Phya, which are votive tablets found within the pagoda's repository.

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat

45.44km from Bueng Si Fai

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat, colloquially referred to as Wat Phra Si or Wat Yai, is a Buddhist temple in Phitsanulok Province, Thailand, where it is located on the east bank of Nan River, near Naresuan Bridge and opposite Phitsanulok Provincial Hall. The temple is famous for its gold-covered statue of the Buddha, known as Phra Phuttha Chinnarat. It is considered one of the most beautiful and the classical magnificent Buddha figures in Thailand and receive the highest worship among Thai people.

Wat Aranyik

Wat Aranyik

45.45km from Bueng Si Fai

Wat Aranyik is a historic temple in Phitsanulok, Thailand. On the temple grounds, there is a modern temple with a monastery and modern temple buildings. There is also a large area of ruins where the old temple of the Sukhothai period once stood. Still standing from the original temple's construction are a historic chedi and a number of Buddha images. A unique feature of the temple is that it is surrounded by moats.

Sri Dit Waterfall

Sri Dit Waterfall

68.56km from Bueng Si Fai

Namtok Si Dit is a waterfall and tourist attraction in Thailand. The waterfall is on the Wang Thong River and it runs throughout the year. At the falls, there is a rice mortar using power generated from the waterfall, built by the Communist Party of Thailand.

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Phichit is a province located in lower northern Thailand. The town of Phichit was established in 1058 by Phraya Kotabongthevaraja, and was first part of the Sukhothai Kingdom, and later of Ayutthaya.

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