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Wat Tha Sung (Chantaram) - Things to Know Before Visiting

Nam Suem, Mueang Uthai Thani District, Uthai Thani 61000, Thailand

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About Wat Tha Sung (Chantaram)

The temple dated back to the Ayutthaya period when it was the capital of Siam. Its main hall is very beautiful and stunning. Because the entire interior of the main hall is covered in mirrors, glass, and crystals.

Attractions Near Wat Tha Sung (Chantaram)

Sakae Krang
Sakae Krang4.72km from Wat Tha Sung (Chantaram)

The Sakae Krang River is a tributary of the Chao Phraya River. It originates in Mae Wong National Park, Nakhon Sawan Province. It is 225 kilometers long, with most of its length in Uthai Thani Province. It joins the Chao Phraya River in Uthai Thani city near the Wat Tha Sung. it is one of the major water resources in Thailand.

Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri.
Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri.7.66km from Wat Tha Sung (Chantaram)

Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri is a Buddhist temple that lies at the foot of Khao Sakae Krang in Uthai Thani province. The temple features an ancient bronze Buddha image that dates back to the Sukhothai period.

Chainat Bird Park
Chainat Bird Park16.33km from Wat Tha Sung (Chantaram)

Chai Nat Bird Park is the largest aviary in Asia, where over 100 bird species live and flourish in natural surroundings. Over 60 other cages of birds populate the park. Small man-made waterfalls, gardens, a snake park, a rabbit park, and a wild animal park provide additional interesting sites to visit.

Wat Phra Borommathat Worawihan
Wat Phra Borommathat Worawihan21.04km from Wat Tha Sung (Chantaram)

Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan is the main Buddhist temple of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province in southern Thailand. The main stupa of the temple, Phra Borommathat Chedi ('great noble relics stupa'), was built by King Sri Dhammasokaraja in the early-13th century CE to establish a symbol for the Theravada Buddhism sect in the province. The temple is believed to house a tooth of Gautama Buddha.

Chao Phraya Dam
Chao Phraya Dam22.54km from Wat Tha Sung (Chantaram)

The nation's first large-scale Dam is located at the bend of Bang Krabian River, Mu 3, Tambon Bang Luang. With a total length of 237.5 meters and a height of 16.5 meters, this reinforced concrete dam is built across flowing water and consists of 16 spillways.The dam's opening ceremony, dated February 7, 1957. The dam is beautiful particularly between January and February, when it is home to thousands of waterfowl.

Bang Rachan Memorial Park
Bang Rachan Memorial Park64.36km from Wat Tha Sung (Chantaram)

Bang Rachan Memorial Park is where an exact replica of the ancient village and camp, where 11 leaders of Khai Bang Rachan came together to form a united front to fight the Burmese army in 1765. There is also a historical park to explore and learn about the historical content of Bang Rachan.

Where is Wat Tha Sung (Chantaram)

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Uthai Thani
Uthai Thani
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Uthai Thani is a province is rich in its natural resources, such as forests and wildlife. The Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Reserve here is listed in Natural World Heritage Site because of its forests, streams, and a number of rare and endangered animals.