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Wat Photharam - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

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About Wat Photharam

Wat Photharam is an ancient temple in Ban Dong Bang, Dong Bang Sub-district, Na Dun District, Maha Sarakham Province, Isan region of Thailand. The temple dating back to the King Nangklao's reign, more than 200 years ago. It is situated in an old town zone called Ban Dong Bang. Previously, it was called "Wat Pho Thong" and renamed to "Wat Photharam" as today in 1942 by the fourth abbot, Phra Kru Chan Di.

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Attractions Near Wat Photharam

Phu Thok

Phu Thok

14.51km from Wat Photharam

Phu Thok means an isolated mountain in Isan dialect. Located in Ban Na Kham Khaen, Tambon Na Sabaeng, this sandstone range stands out and can be seen from a distance. It consists of two hills: Phu Thok Yai and Phu Thok Noi. Previously, this area was dense woods with many wild animals.

Phu Langka National Park

Phu Langka National Park

18.44km from Wat Photharam

Phu Langka national park covers the area of approximately 31,250 Rai in Pai Loam Sub-district, Ban Phaeng District. The area includes layers of three mountains overlapping each other, interspersed with small mountain ranges spreading along Mekong River. There generally are lush forests such as dry evergreen forest, mixed deciduous forest and dry dipterocarp forest which are habitats of abundant wildlife and watershed for many streams.

Nam Kading National Bio-Diversity Conservation Area

The Nam Kading valley is dominated by broadleaf evergreen forests with a high density of large trees. Forest shows high species diversity with 83 tree species recorded in a sample of 428 individuals from two areas. It is now one of the main attractions in Laos and a lot of tourists visit this place every year.

Kong Lor Cave

Kong Lor Cave

82.89km from Wat Photharam

Tham Kong Lo or Kong Lor Cave is a karst limestone cave in Phu Hin Bun National Park, in Khammouane Province, Laos. It is located roughly 130 kilometers north of Thakhek, on the Nam Hin Bun River, which flows into the cave. The karst formation is dramatic and the cave has been cited as a "one of Southeast Asia's geological wonders".

Nong Han Lake

Nong Han Lake

93.88km from Wat Photharam

The Nong Han is a lake in the northeast of Thailand, northeast of the provincial capital town of Sakon Nakhon. The lake covers an area of 125.2 km² and is the largest natural lake in northeast Thailand. The main river feeding the lake is the Nam Pung, which originates in the Phu Phan Mountains south of the lake. The outflow of the lake is the Huai Nam Khan to the southeast, which flows into the Mekong. The average depth of the lake is 2–10 meters.

Phra That Phu Phek

Phra That Phu Phek

94.57km from Wat Photharam

Phra That Phu Pek is an ancient temple in Sakon Nakhon Province, in the Isan region of Thailand. This ancient Khmer ruin was built from sandstone, standing on a laterite base. This is a Buddhist temple ruin of Khmer origin in the form of a chedi, it was built in the 16th-17th Buddhist century. The ruin is special as it houses a solar calendar, a cube-shaped rock, in its stupa. The ancients used it for indicating the position of the sun, important for religious rites and agricultural seasons.

Discover More Attractions in Bueng Kan, Home of Wat Photharam

Bueng Kan

Bueng Kan

2 attractions

It is a newly established province but contains lots of interesting places including natural, historical, art, and cultural places.

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