Attractions to explore nearby Vung Chua – Yen Island - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Vung Chua – Yen Island

Vung Chua – Yen IslandVung Chua – Yen Island, Quảng Đông, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

This is a beautiful Eco-tourism destination which was located in the heart of Quang Binh province. This is a very peaceful land because it is surrounded by islands, quite windy and impenetrable so people call it Vung. In the past, this place had a very sacred temple, so people called this place with the name Vung Chua.

đèo Ngang5.76 KMs away from Vung Chua – Yen Island

The Ngang Pass is a mountain pass on the border of the provinces of Quảng Bình and Hà Tĩnh, in the North Central Coast of Vietnam. National Route 1A crosses it as it traverses the Hoành Sơn, a side-spur of the larger Annamite Range. The pass is 2,560 m long, ascending to the height of 250 m.  Historical French texts refer to the pass as Porte d'Annam.