Hòn Đá Bạc in Ca Mau, Vietnam - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Hòn Đá Bạc

Hòn Đá Bạc, Sông Đốc, Trần Văn Thời, Cà Mau, Vietnam


About Hòn Đá Bạc

This is a cluster of large and small islands adjacent to each other which was located in the Ca Mau province. The highest island is only about 50 m above sea level. According to many recorded records, Hon Da Bac is dated to about 180 million years.

Attractions near Hòn Đá Bạc

U Minh Ha National Park28.34km from Hòn Đá Bạc

U Minh Hạ National Park or National Park of Lower U Minh is a national park in Vietnam. The park is located in Cà Mau Province. The park has an area of 82.86 square kilometers and was established on 20 January 2006 to protect the low wetland ecosystem in the region. Fauna and flora found here include mangrove, snake, turtle, bird, amphibian.

Cột Cờ Hà Nội - Cà Mau48.24km from Hòn Đá Bạc

A monument that was built in the heart of Ca Mau province.  The flagpole architecture consists of three floors and a column body, considered one of the symbols of the city. It is also called as Hanoi monument.

Cape Ca Mau National Park48.48km from Hòn Đá Bạc

Mũi Cà Mau National Park or National Park of Cape Cà Mau is a national park in southern Vietnam. It is located in Đất Mũi Commune, Ngọc Hiển District, in Cà Mau, the southernmost of Vietnam's provinces.  The park was established by the Prime Minister of Vietnam on July 14, 2003 on the basis of the natural preservation zone of Đất Mũi, a zone founded by Decision 194/CT, dated August 9, 1986.

U Minh Thuong National Park70.01km from Hòn Đá Bạc

Located in An Minh and Vinh Thuan districts, Kien Giang Province which was recognized as one of the three highest priority sites for wetland conservation in the Mekong Delta. U Minh Thuong National Park is attractive to visitors worldwide thanks to its wide varieties of impressive features, historical values, and biodiversity values as well.

Son island88.5km from Hòn Đá Bạc

Côn Sơn, also known as Côn Lôn, is the largest island of the Côn Đảo archipelago, off the coast of southern Vietnam. Hon Son means ‘Mountain Island’. It’s a rugged yet green and exceptionally beautiful isle.

Thiền viện Trúc Lâm Bạc Liêu103.77km from Hòn Đá Bạc

One of the big Zen temples in Can Tho, the project is located in My Tho hamlet, My Khanh commune. It is one of the best architectural wonders in this area and also the greenery around this place is truly astonishing. One can enjoy this place very much.

Where is Hòn Đá Bạc

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Ca Mau4 attractions

Cà Mau is a province of Vietnam, named after its capital city. Its name came from the Khmers who inhabited the area before the arrival of the Vietnamese, Cà Mau means “black” in Khmer.