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Bãi biển Cà Ná - Things to Know Before Visiting

Bãi biển Cà Ná, Vĩnh Tân, Vietnam


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About Bãi biển Cà Ná

Ca Na Beach is a beach located in Ninh Thuan Province, South Central Vietnam. This beach is located on Highway 1A and Thong Nhat railway, located 30 km south of Phan Rang-Thap Cham city ​​center, the provincial capital of Ninh Thuan province. This is one of the beautiful beaches in Vietnam, is a marine tourism area of ​​Ninh Thuan province. The seawater in this area is clear, the white sand is next to the rocky areas that reach out to the sea. Near this coast is the island of Lao, which is home

Attractions Near Bãi biển Cà Ná

Kalan Po Klong Giarai
Kalan Po Klong Giarai33km from Bãi biển Cà Ná

Po Klong Garai Temple is a Cham religious complex located in the Cham principality of Panduranga, in what is now Phan Rang in southern Vietnam. It was built in honor of the legendary king Po Klaung Garai, who ruled Panduranga from 1151 to 1205, by the historic King Jaya Sinhavarman III,

Nui Chua National Park
Nui Chua National Park52.34km from Bãi biển Cà Ná

This is an ecotourism destination that visitors should not miss when traveling to Ninh Thuan. This park is one of the largest natural conservation points in Vietnam with an area of over 24,300 ha. This place has a diverse system of creatures that are typical to the tropical dry forest and cannot be found in any other parts of Vietnam.

White Sandunes Mui Ne
White Sandunes Mui Ne52.99km from Bãi biển Cà Ná

The larger of the two dunes in Mui Ne, the other one being the red sand dunes. You can hire ATVs here to have some adventure. This is a popular spot to view sunrise.

Ngoạn Mục Pass
Ngoạn Mục Pass59.89km from Bãi biển Cà Ná

The Ngoạn Mục Pass, also called the Sông Pha pass, after Sông Pha at the foot of the pass, is a scenic mountain pass in Vietnam between Ninh Thuận province and the Lang Biang plateau. It was known to the French as Bellevue Pass. It is one of the beautiful mountain pass which was located in the heart of the Ninh Thuan province.

Red Sand Dunes
Red Sand Dunes72.43km from Bãi biển Cà Ná

Reddish-brown sand dunes, an ideal place for viewing sunset. Sand sliding is pretty popular here.

Prenn Waterfall
Prenn Waterfall73.39km from Bãi biển Cà Ná

Prenn Waterfall has a height of 9m, and a width of 20m. The water flows down from its height over a cliff of basalt rock creating a white curtain of water. In addition to the falls, visitors has the possibility of taking rides in elphant, ostrich or water buffalo here. In addition, there is a cable car that goes above the falls giving a birds eye view.

Where is Bãi biển Cà Ná

Discover More Attractions in Bình Thuận Province, Where Bãi biển Cà Ná Is Located

Bình Thuận Province

The province is known for its scenery and beaches. There are also a number of sites of archaeological significance.