Hồ Tây Đăk Mil in Dak Nong, Vietnam - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Hồ Tây Đăk Mil

Hồ Tây Đăk Mil, Đắk Mil, Đăk Nông, Vietnam

Lake/ River/ Ponds

About Hồ Tây Đăk Mil

A semi-artificial lake in Ho district formed in 1940 by French colonialists to serve the coffee planting project in Vietnam. The lake is located in Dak Mil district, Dak Nong province. West Lake has a circumference of more than 10 km, an open surface area of ​​about 108 ha with the deepest point of 15 - 17 m.

Attractions near Hồ Tây Đăk Mil

Bousra Waterfall25.16km from Hồ Tây Đăk Mil

Bousra Waterfall is one of the country’s most impressive falls. This triple-drop waterfall has an upper tier of 12m and a spectacular lower tier with a thundering 20m drop and the less popular last tier is 4m. Getting there is a 38km, 45 minutes journey east of Sen Monorom on a mostly sealed road.

Thiền Viện Trúc Lâm Đạo Nguyên27.74km from Hồ Tây Đăk Mil

Truc Lam Dao Nguyen Zen Monastery is a Truc Lam Buddhist facility located in Nam Nung Nature Reserve , in Dak Song District, in Dak Nong Province . The Monastery is located in a pine forest, in the core area of ​​the Nam Nung Nature Reserve covering more than 5,000ha. About 02 km to the south is Luu Ly waterfall.

Đray Sáp Waterfall32.17km from Hồ Tây Đăk Mil

Dray Sap waterfall or Dray Sap waterfall is a waterfall on Serepok stream in Dak Sor commune, Krong No district, Dak Nong province, Vietnam.   Dray Sap waterfall is also known as the Husband waterfall. The waterfall is about 30 km south of Buon Ma Thuot city. Not far from Dray Sap waterfall is Dray Nur waterfall. It is one of the beautiful places in Dak nong province.

Dray Nur Waterfall32.31km from Hồ Tây Đăk Mil

Dray Nur waterfall is an ideal place for those who want to explore the unspoiled nature and mysterious land of the windy and sunny plateau. It is also suitable for picnics, camping, barbecues, enjoy the specialties here. The falls is so beautiful to see with its crystal clear water and with the surrounding greenery.

Yok Don National Park50.01km from Hồ Tây Đăk Mil

Yok Don National Park is a national park located in Krông Na commune, Buôn Đôn District, Đắk Lắk Province, Tây Nguyên of Vietnam, 40 km west of Buôn Ma Thuột city. The park was established in 1991 to protect 582 km² of a biological area of khộp lowland forest. The total area is 1,155.45 km². It borders Mondulkiri Protected Forest to the west and is part of maybe the largest protected area complex in southeast Asia.

Thác Lưu Ly - Bù Gia Mập50.25km from Hồ Tây Đăk Mil

A pristine waterfall in the Dak nong river.  Luu Ly waterfall eco-tourism area is considered to be an ideal destination for tourists on a journey to learn about the "Green Highland Road". Daily a lot of people comes here to experience this waterfall and this nature.

Where is Hồ Tây Đăk Mil

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It is located in the southern part of the Central Highlands, about 500m above sea level.