Thác Krông Kmar in Đắk Lắk Province, Vietnam - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Thác Krông Kmar

Đắk Lắk Province, Vietnam


About Thác Krông Kmar

A beautiful waterfall which was located in the heart of the Krong Kmar River in Dak Lak province. The waterfall is located at the foot of the majestic Chu Yang Sin mountain range. Currently, this is a remarkable tourist destination in Dak Lak because it has been seriously invested and exploited.

Attractions near Thác Krông Kmar

Chu Yang Sinh National Park17.91km from Thác Krông Kmar

Chư Yang Sin National Park is a national park in the communes of: Yang Mao. The only confirmed reports of golden jackals  in Vietnam come from Chư Yang Sin National Park. it is one of the good spot to explore the nature of vietnam.

Buon Ma Thuot39.76km from Thác Krông Kmar

Buôn Ma Thuột or sometimes Buôn Mê Thuột or Ban Mê Thuột, is the capital city of Đắk Lắk Province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Its population was 420,000 in 2016, and grew to 502,170 by 2018. The city is the largest in Vietnam's Central Highlands region, and is famous as the regional "capital of coffee".

Lang Biang Peak47.23km from Thác Krông Kmar

Lang Biang Peak offers scenic highland views, reachable by a steep hiking trail or hired jeep rides. The mountain cosists of three peaks.

Đray Sáp Waterfall49.31km from Thác Krông Kmar

Dray Sap waterfall or Dray Sap waterfall is a waterfall on Serepok stream in Dak Sor commune, Krong No district, Dak Nong province, Vietnam.   Dray Sap waterfall is also known as the Husband waterfall. The waterfall is about 30 km south of Buon Ma Thuot city. Not far from Dray Sap waterfall is Dray Nur waterfall. It is one of the beautiful places in Dak nong province.

Dray Nur Waterfall49.33km from Thác Krông Kmar

Dray Nur waterfall is an ideal place for those who want to explore the unspoiled nature and mysterious land of the windy and sunny plateau. It is also suitable for picnics, camping, barbecues, enjoy the specialties here. The falls is so beautiful to see with its crystal clear water and with the surrounding greenery.

Linh Son Pagoda57.63km from Thác Krông Kmar

One of the notable Buddhist temple in the heart of the Lam Dong province which was located on top of a small hill at 120 Nguyễn Văn Trỗi Street. The temple is built in a classical Asian style of architecture and is of a simple layout and model. The temple and the surrounding are so beautiful and it was a treat to the eyes.

Where is Thác Krông Kmar

Discover more attractions in Đắk Lắk Province, where Thác Krông Kmar is located

The name comes from the Mnong (a Mon-Khmer language) word dak Lak, literally "Lak Lake", the largest freshwater lake in the province. It is located in Vietnam's Central Highlands of Vietnam.