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5 Attractions to Explore Near Khu Du Lịch Mẫu Sơn

Khu Du Lịch Mẫu Sơn
Khu Du Lịch Mẫu SơnMẫu Sơn, Lộc Bình District, Lạng Sơn 246800, Vietnam

Mau Son is a high mountainous region running east-west, located in the northeast of Lang Son province in the main territory of 3 communes: Mau Son, Cong Son Cao Loc district and Mau Son commune Loc Binh district, located from Lang city Son 30 km to the east, bordering Vietnam-China border. This is a mountainous region of the province, with diverse terrain, an average elevation of 800 - 1,000 m above sea level, including a complex of 80 mountains, large and small, with the highest peak being Phia

Nearby Attractions

Thanh Nha Mac
Thanh Nha Mac17.41 KMs away from Khu Du Lịch Mẫu Sơn

Also known as the ancient city of Tuyen Quang, is a historical and cultural relics in the city of Tuyen Quang province Tuyen Quang, Vietnam. Tuyen Quang Citadel is one of the few remaining monuments of the Mac Dynasty in Vietnamese history. It is one of the ancient architectural wonders in this area.

Yen Tu Mountain
Yen Tu Mountain79.30 KMs away from Khu Du Lịch Mẫu Sơn

Yen Tu Mountain, the most famous religious attraction in Vietnam, located in the northern coastal Quang Ninh province. It is about 14 km from the center of Uong Bi town . the shape of a mountain looks like a giant elephant. The view from the top of the mountain is very beautiful with the clouds and the cool breeze.

Chùa Thanh Mai
Chùa Thanh Mai84.45 KMs away from Khu Du Lịch Mẫu Sơn

one of the famous pagoda which was notable with its great architecture and its historical significance. Thanh Mai Pagoda is a famous place in Hoang Hoa Tham commune, Chi Linh town, Hai Duong province, Vietnam. The pagoda was built by Phap Loa Zen monk in about 1329 associated with his life and career, the second ancestor of Truc Lam Yen Tu sect.

Bắc Giang River
Bắc Giang River96.12 KMs away from Khu Du Lịch Mẫu Sơn

The Bắc Giang is a left tributary of the Kỳ Cùng River. It is 114 km long with a catchment area of 2670 km² and flows through Lạng Sơn Province and Bắc Kạn Province in northeastern Vietnam. The river originates in Bắc Sơn District in Lạng Sơn Province and flows in a northwesterly direction. It is one of the major water resources in this area and is also a tourist attraction.

Chu Van An temple
Chu Van An temple98.82 KMs away from Khu Du Lịch Mẫu Sơn

This is a Buddhist temple in the name of Chu Văn An, a Confucian, teacher, physician and high-ranking mandarin of the Trần Dynasty in Đại Việt. This temple was notable with its architecture and its historical significance.