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Nguyen Trung Truc Temple - Things to Know Before Visiting

07 Nguyễn Công Trứ, Vĩnh Thanh, Rạch Giá, tỉnh Kiên Giang, Vietnam

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About Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

Nguyen Trung Truc Temple is the largest temple in the temples worshiping him in Kien Giang province. Unique architectural features along with trophies, memorabilia, and illustrious victories turn the temple into one of the attractive attractions in Phu Quoc. The temple is located opposite the tranquil river, near the waterfront and shaded by the cool green Bodhi trees. This is the largest temple in the 9 temples in Phu Quoc worshiping Nguyen Trung Truc.

Attractions Near Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

Khu Du Lịch Hồ Ông Thoại
Khu Du Lịch Hồ Ông Thoại34.65km from Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

Mr. Thoai Ho , aka Ho Thoai Son , is the largest artificial lake southwest, Vietnam , formed by quarrying long process . The lake is located in Nui Sap town , Thoai Son district , An Giang province , about 23 km from the center of Long Xuyen city . The name of the lake is set to commemorate the merits of reclaiming An Giang land and diging Thoai Ha canal of Thoai Ngoc Hau .

Suối Vàng
Suối Vàng43.32km from Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

Golden Stream tourist area is a national key tourist site in Lam Dong . Ho Dan Kia - Suoi Vang lies about 17 km northwest of Dalat city ​​center . Tourist destinations in Dan Kia- Suoi Vang lake area include: Golden Valley, Ankroet waterfall, Suoi Vang dam, Dan Kia lake.

U Minh Thuong National Park
U Minh Thuong National Park45.88km from Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

Located in An Minh and Vinh Thuan districts, Kien Giang Province which was recognized as one of the three highest priority sites for wetland conservation in the Mekong Delta. U Minh Thuong National Park is attractive to visitors worldwide thanks to its wide varieties of impressive features, historical values, and biodiversity values as well.

Son island
Son island53.05km from Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

Côn Sơn, also known as Côn Lôn, is the largest island of the Côn Đảo archipelago, off the coast of southern Vietnam. Hon Son means ‘Mountain Island’. It’s a rugged yet green and exceptionally beautiful isle.

Bảy Núi
Bảy Núi53.62km from Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

Bảy Núi is a range of small mountains located in the Tri Tôn and Tịnh Biên districts in Vietnam's An Giang Province, very close to the Cambodian border. It is one of the beautiful trekking destinations in Vietnam which gives a vast view of the area and the greenery is a treat to the eyes.

Long Xuyen cathedral
Long Xuyen cathedral56.97km from Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

The Queen of Peace Cathedral also called Regina Pacis Cathedral or Long Xuyên Cathedral is a religious building that is located in Long Xuyen, capital city of the province of An Giang in the Mekong Delta region in the southwest Asian country of Vietnam. It is under the pastoral responsibility of the Bishop Joseph Trần Xuân Tiếu. It stands a large statue dedicated to the Virgin Mary and a tower of 55 meters high.

Where is Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

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Kien Giang
Kien Giang
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Located in the Mekong Delta regions, it is known for its fishing and rice farming.