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Kepulauan Togean National Park - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

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About Kepulauan Togean National Park

Kepulauan Togean National Park is a large marine national park, including the Togian Islands, near Sulawesi island of Indonesia. it is one of the great tourist attractions by its natural beauty and there are so many things to explore in and around this place both marine and natural.

Attractions Near Kepulauan Togean National Park

Togian Islands
Togian Islands24.27km from Kepulauan Togean National Park

The Togian Islands are an archipelago of 56 islands and islets, in the Gulf of Tomini, off the coast of Central Sulawesi, in Indonesia. The three largest islands are Batudaka, Togean, and Talakatoh. There are 37 villages on the islands, with one settled by the Bajau people, more commonly known as the sea gypsies.

Unauna Island
Unauna Island43.69km from Kepulauan Togean National Park

Una-Una is an Indonesian island, part of the Togian Islands in the Gulf of Tomini.It is a small volcanic island created by the Colo volcano. Its vegetation primarily consists of coconut trees. Most of the island was devastated by pyroclastic flows following an eruption of the volcano in 1983. Currently its population is approximately 200 inhabitants and is concentrated in the island's 3 villages: Unauna, Kololio and Tampobatu. Una Una is surrounded by thriving reefs home to big schools of fish

Benteng Otanaha
Benteng Otanaha164.79km from Kepulauan Togean National Park

Otanaha Fortress is one of the tourism site in Gorontalo province, Indonesia. It was built in 1522 by King Ilato from Gorontalo Kingdom and Portuguese sailors to strengthen the area security and defense. Located in Dembe Hill, this fort was made from mixture of sand, calcium, and eggs of Maleo birds. To reach the top of this fort, there are 348 steps. From the top of this fortress, there are panoramic view of Limboto Lake and some part of Gorontalo region. It is one of the famous tourist attract

Poso166.22km from Kepulauan Togean National Park

Poso is the main port and transportation hub for the central-southern coast of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is one of the oldest cities in Central Sulawesi, and its presence was considered important for the Dutch to control the southern region of Tomini in the early days of their arrival. There are so many attractions in this area which makes this place a tourist friendly.

Bangkalan Island
Bangkalan Island177.43km from Kepulauan Togean National Park

Bangkalan is a town on the western coast of Madura Island in Indonesia, the government seat of the Bangkalan Regency. Mount Jaddih is 10 kilometers from Bangkalan and can be accessed by a motorcycle to the mountain top to see Bangkalan town and Suramadu Bridge. The 500-hectare limestone hill of Mount Jaddih also offers a spring-water swimming pool for free. Other objects of interest to tourists near Bangkalan are a lighthouse from the Dutch colonial era, Rongkang Beach, and the religious site o

Lake Poso
Lake Poso220.58km from Kepulauan Togean National Park

Lake Poso is a lake in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, and the third deepest lake in Indonesia. The town of Pendolo is situated at the southern end of the lake, the town of Tentena is located at the northern end, while a number of smaller villages dot the shoreline. The lake drains into the Poso River at Tentena, which flows into the Molucca Sea at the town of Poso. it is one of the beautiful lakes in the central Sulawesi and it makes it as a tourist destination.

Where is Kepulauan Togean National Park

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Central Sulawesi
Central Sulawesi
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Central Sulawesi is a province of Indonesia located at the center of the island of Sulawesi. The geographical location of Central Sulawesi makes it has a variety of natural attractions, from sea tourism, river tourism, mountain tourism, forest tourism.