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Hike through the cascading waterfall set in the backdrop of rubber plantations and banana farms.

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Aruvikuzhi Waterfalls is a 20 meter tall cascading waterfall. The fall is seasonal with large volumes of water flowing through it in the  monsoon months from June to October and is reduced to a trickle towards the end of the warmer months between March to May.

The name of the waterfall Aruvikuzhi translates to ‘streams and pits’ due to the stream that starts below the falls and the large pit on its rocky slopes.

The small check dam on top

There is a small check dam on top of the waterfall which is used to block the waters during warm months of March to May. The blocked water is then used for irrigation and to improve the water level of the wells in the adjacent areas. There are steps starting from the corner of this small dam all the way to the bottom of the waterfall.

The steps and the walkways are built along the five cascades of the waterfall and it comprises of few sheltered viewpoints. At the end of the steps, below the waterfall starts the stream with sharp rocks which are formed by the strong water gushing down. This area is accessible for visitors to explore but must be careful with the rocks.

Exploring the falls

The falls are situated near to the main road, amidst thick plantations of rubber. It sits on a small stream, and the water gushes down from the rocky incline to create a pit below - which is ideal for swimming. The torrential downpours during the monsoon season make the waters all muddy and violent but as soon as the season is over, it takes more of a calm nature. Towards the end of the dry months it becomes a trickle with all the waters contained in the check dam above to improve the water scarcity situation in the nearby areas.

When the water flow is not too strong, visitors could climb up and down through the slippery rocks of the waterfall. It is a nice experience as long as one is careful about the sharp and hard rocks that constitutes the base of the falls. There is a church too at the top of the falls. The plantations surrounding the waterfall are really quite and peaceful and provide the coolness that surrounds the area.

Getting to Aruvikuzhi Waterfalls and best time to visit

The waterfalls is situated in Kottayam District of Kerala State in Southern India. The nearest large town is at Manarcadu (11km) which is connected to the nearby large town Kottayam by buses. Kottayam is 20 km from Aruvikuzhi Waterfalls. From Manarcadu, there are direct buses to the falls, passing through the Oravackal-Koorali road. 

It is best to visit the falls in the months of October to January when the water is calm. During these months you can swim in the large pit below the falls and climb up to its top.

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