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Pom Pom Island also known as “Pulau Pom Pom” is located in the Celebes Sea in Sabah. It is probably one of the most beautiful islands on the planet for both divers and non-divers.The marine biodiversity of Pom Pom Island is rich with many rare and uncommon species.

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Tun Sakaran Marine Park

Tun Sakaran Marine Park

12.23km from Pulau Pom Pom

An archipelago with a unique blend of nature and marine biodiversity. Home to the nomadic Bajau Laut (Sea Gypsies) people, who live in stilt houses and houseboats in and around the marine park.

Bukit Tengkorak Archaeological Heritage Site

Skull Hill (Bukit Tengkorak) is eight kilometers from the center of Semporna and houses a small interesting archaeological museum at its base.

Andulinang Island

Andulinang Island

46.69km from Pulau Pom Pom

A beautiful and tourist-friendly island which was located in the heart of Tawi Tawi which is famous for the beaches. it is one of the last islands in the Sulu archipelago.

Mabul Island

Mabul Island

46.71km from Pulau Pom Pom

Mabul is a small island off the south-eastern coast of Sabah in Malaysia. Mabul is arguably one of the richest single destinations for exotic small marine life anywhere in the world.

Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island

59.51km from Pulau Pom Pom

Formed by living corals growing on top of an extinct volcanic cone that took thousands of years to develop. Sipadan is located at the heart of the Indo-Pacific basin, the centre of one of the richest marine habitats in the world. More than 400 species of fish and hundreds of coral species have been classified in this ecosystem. Sipadan Island was at the top of Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine Gold List for 'The Top Dive Destination in the World.

Tabin Wildlife Resort, Lahad Datu, Sabah.

The Tabin Wildlife Reserve is a nature preserve in Sabah, Malaysia. It was created in 1984 to preserve Sabah's disappearing wild animals.

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Sabah has abundant natural resources, and its economy is strongly export oriented. Its primary exports include oil, gas, timber and palm oil. Sabah shares maritime borders with Vietnam to the west and the Philippines to the north and east.

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