Dhoni Waterfalls in Palakkad, Kerala, India - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Dhoni Waterfalls

Puthuppariyaram, Kerala 678591, India

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About Dhoni Waterfalls

The waterfall surrounded by lush green forest and accessible only through a lengthy, mesmerising hike.

Dhoni Waterfalls is located on top of Dhoni Hills, 15 km from Palakkad town of Kerala state in Southern India. The falls are in the forest ranges of Nilgiri Biosphere in the Western Ghat mountains bordering Kerala and Tamilnadu, a 4 km trek through the lush green forest is required to explore it.

To reach this small waterfall, it takes three hours of trekking through reserve forest area from the base of the Dhoni Hills. The waterfall is not big, rather a series of small falls at different levels cascading down the hills. It creates pools of water and goes downhill roaring over the subsequent level.  Water from the fall ultimately gets collected in the Malampuzha reservoir down below.


The hike to the waterfall

To trek to the fall, one will need permission from the forest department which you will receive upon purchasing the ticket at the entry point. An out of use asphalt road built in the British era still stands here although it is not put to daily use. This road was constructed to connect five divisions of then Palakkad- Coimbatore, Manarkkad, Nilambur, Gudlur, and Silent Valley.

Wild animals in the trail

The trail to the falls is unpaved and it is suitable only for motor bikes and vehicles with four wheel drive, although private vehicles are not allowed going through the trail. Elephants, Tigers, King Cobras and other wild animals live in the forest surrounding the waterfall. Still the place is considered to be safe as the chances of spotting them are extremely low. If there are any wild animals found on the trails, the authorities will stop the entry to the waterfalls.

Kavarakunnu Bungalow in ruins

There are many short cuts in the trekking trail which reduces trek distance a lot. If you plan to take them, be prepared for steep inclines. There is an old colonial mansion constructed in the 1850’s called Kavarakunnu Bungalow on the path towards the waterfall. This building was constructed by the British to oversee the orange and cardamom plantations in the region. The bungalow is abandoned since many years now.

Exploring the pristine beauty of the falls

Once you reach the waterfall, you can see the lovely view of the fall nested in greenery, enjoy a cold dip in the water, and admire the beauty and the peacefulness of the jungle. It is recommended to start the hike in the morning so that you will reach the falls before noon and have sufficient time to admire the beauty of the place. Climbing at noon makes the hike too exhausting.


Once you are at the falls, be mindful of the moss covered slippery rocks. The depth of the stream may surpass the normal expectations considering that the waterfall is quite small. 

Best time to visit Dhoni falls

The best time to visit Dhoni waterfalls is immediately after monsoon, from September onwards. The heavy rains will be over by then, the trek path will be clear, and the waterfall will be filled. Although the water flows through the falls the whole year, the time right after monsoon is considered the best. While visiting, carry your own food and water but do not leave any wastes behind. 

The dangerous hollows in the rocks

The water here will look calm but it is deceptive with chutes and whirlpools underneath. The stream flowing for years has created treacherous hollow deep wells inside the rocks and it will be impossible to detect them or to judge the depth of them when water is flowing over. If you take a dip thinking that it is a small pool, it could trap you inside taking you to its depths. The worse part of it is that if you are in danger there might not be many people around to help you escape from the waters.


More adventures from Dhoni waterfall

There is a trekking trail from Dhoni Waterfalls to Malampuzha Dam, some 5 km away. This trail is completely through forest and access is restricted. Trekking needs prior permission from the District Forest Officer, a local guide will lead you through the trail of danger and beauty. Do check with the authorities managing the place for more informations.

Dhoni falls, with its long hike and silent yet breathtaking surroundings, is a great place to visit as long as you are careful while exploring the falls.

How to reach Dhoni waterfall?

The village of Dhoni - where the waterfall is situated- is 15 kilometres from Palakkad town. There are public transportations available from Palakkad but they are infrequent. The easiest way to reach is by a private vehicle so that you can enjoy the views of lush green Western Ghats on the way as well. Palakkad railway station is just 9 km from Dhoni waterfalls but you will probably have to take a taxi from there as well.

Attractions near Dhoni Waterfalls

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The fort that has witnessed the bloody wars of Zamorin, Palakkad Achchan, Mysore Kings, and the British.

Velliangiri Hills15.71km from Dhoni Waterfalls

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112 Feet Adiyogi17.95km from Dhoni Waterfalls

Adiyogu statue is the tallest Siva statue situated in the Coimbatore district of Tamilnadu which has been recognized by the Guinness world records as the largest bust sculpture in the world. This was designed by sadguru Jaggi Vasudev and is a part of the Isha foundation.

Silent Valley National Park31.85km from Dhoni Waterfalls

A mysterious rainforest where the crickets never screech, where nature preserve itself without human touch.

Where is Dhoni Waterfalls

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