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Kodikuthimala - 10 Things to Know Before Visiting

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About Kodikuthimala

Kodukuthimala is a hill station in Malappuram district of Kerala state in Southern India. It is one of the coolest hill stations in the Malappuram district surrounded by streams, grasslands, and forest, with an incredible sunset view.

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Things to Do at Kodikuthimala


Kodukuthimala is located in Vettathur and Thazhekode villages near Malappuram and Palakkad district borders at a height of 522 meters above sea level. This is the highest geographic peak in the Amminikkadan hills of the Western Ghats Mountain ranges. The peak, even though at a lower altitude has a cooler temperature than the surrounding areas due to the presence of several springs crisscrossing in the topography and the abundance of winds.

The road to the peak extends only to its base. If you are traveling by car, you will have to stop at a path at the base and hike to the top which is only a kilometer away. Bikes will have an easier time climbing up through the uneven dirt road to the top. The peak is popular among locals, especially the youngsters who prefer the hilltop for evenings and weekends.

From the top, you can have a look at the nearby Perinthalmanna Town and surrounding hilly areas. Most of the portion of the entire Malappuram as well as other nearby districts can be seen from the top. The cool breeze while climbing up, the small waterfalls and the gurgling springs, and the meadows filled with fountain grass all make Kodukuthimala an excellent place for a day trip.

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History of Kodikuthimala


The name Kodukuthilmala in Malayalam means ‘flag hoisted peak’. Long before India gained its independence, officials conducting the geographical survey of the area hoisted a flag on Kodukuthimala marking it as the highest point in the vicinity. The name originated from this act of hoisting the flag on the peak. 

The peak started to be featured on the tourism map of Kerala in the late 1990s. Even though 70 acres of land in this area are marked by Tourism Department for various projects, the current amenities here are close to none. The only man-made structure is a watch tower at the peak offering scenic views of the nearby towns and hills.

Best Time to Visit Kodikuthimala


The ideal time to visit Kodukuthilmala is between September and May, after the peak of the monsoon from June to August. Tall fountain grasses dance with each incoming wind and fill the area from December to February. The vicinity of the peak has ever-flowing streams, small waterfalls, and a suicide point which luckily is rarely used.

Tips for Visiting Kodikuthimala

  1. While you are planning to visit, it is not advisable to go up at mid-day as it will be too warm and exhausting. Reaching the peak in the evening is ideal as it offers a mesmerizing view of the sunset as well.
  2. Visit during the week - Kodukuthimala can get quite busy on weekends

Interesting Facts and Trivias About Kodikuthimala

  1. Kodukuthimala is also known as Ooty (a hill station in Tamilnadu where the average temperature is 14 degrees Celsius) of Malappuram.

How Much Time Did Visitors Spend at Kodikuthimala


Visitors normally spend about two hours at Kodukuthimala. The hike up and down will take about 1 hour and another enjoying the scenery and exploring the peak.

How to Reach Kodikuthimala


Kodukuthimala can be reached from the nearby town Perinthalmanna at a distance of 10 km. Other major towns are Palakkad (66 km), Malappuram (32 km), Kozhikode (82 km) from where there are buses to Perinthalmanna.

Entrance Fee of Kodikuthimala


Adults are charged INR 40 for entrance to Kodukuthimala. For children, it is INR 20. Foreigners are charged INR 100 and for cameras, the charge is INR 150.

Opening Hours of Kodikuthimala

Kodukuthimala is open from 8 AM to 4 PM daily except for Monday when it is closed.

Attractions Near Kodikuthimala

Silent Valley National Park

Silent Valley National Park

17.17km from Kodikuthimala

Silent Valley National Park, one of the last and rare undisturbed rainforests of the Western Ghat Mountains is located in the Nilgiri Hills in Palakkad District of Kerala State in Southern India. The park is completely enclosed by a ring of hills and remains an ecological island with its own unique micro-climate.

Keralam Kundu Waterfalls.

Keralam Kundu Waterfalls.

20.08km from Kodikuthimala

The water gushes down over 45 meters to fall into a huge rocky pit which was formed over many centuries by water falling over it.



23.98km from Kodikuthimala

Located right in the heart of Malappuram city in Kerala, this table top hill offers amazing views of the city. The hill has multiple adventure rides as well- a water theme park, adventure park, ballon park among few others. The hill also has traces of first fort built by the Zamorins, the local rulers pre British era.

Kerala Kalamandalam

Kerala Kalamandalam

27.11km from Kodikuthimala

The centre for learning traditional art forms of Kerala.

Mini Ooty (Arimbra Hills)

Mini Ooty (Arimbra Hills)

30.33km from Kodikuthimala

Arimbra Hills earned its more popular name Mini Ooty due to its resemblence with the well known hill station of southern India- Ooty. The place is known for its rolling hills and scenic views. You can also view the runway of Kozhikode airport with closer look at takeoffs and landings from here.

Conolly's Plot

Conolly's Plot

33.38km from Kodikuthimala

Conolly’s Plot (also Canoli Plot/ Canoly’s Plot) is the oldest teak plantation in the world. The plantation, which was developed in the 1840s is home to more than 100 large teak trees, among which the biggest one has a girth of 4.2 meters and a height of 46.5 meters.

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Location of Kodikuthimala


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