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Old Fort Jackson - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

1 Fort Jackson Rd, Savannah, GA 31404, USA


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About Old Fort Jackson

Old Fort Jackson was constructed in 1808 as part of President Thomas Jefferson's Second System coastal defense initiative and named after Revolutionary War patriot James Jackson. This brick fort was constructed over an old earthen battery from the Revolutionary War which had been called "Mud Fort." Soldiers were stationed at Fort James Jackson to guard Savannah during the War of 1812.

Attractions Near Old Fort Jackson

Waving Girl Statue - Florence Martus
Waving Girl Statue - Florence Martus4.56km from Old Fort Jackson

The Waving Girl Statue is inspired by the remarkable story of Florence Martus. For 44 years, she welcomed every ship that passed into St. Simons Sound by standing on the shore and waving a large white handkerchief or scarf. She was known to sailors around the world as the 'waving girl of Savannah' and her selfless devotion quickly became legendary. In 1956, a statue was erected in her honor, sculpted by Felix de Weldon of the iconic Marines Iwo Jima Memorial fame.

Bonaventure Cemetery
Bonaventure Cemetery4.61km from Old Fort Jackson

Bonaventure Cemetery was developed on the historically significant site of Bonaventure Plantation. The cemetery became famous when it was featured in the 1994 novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt, and in the movie, directed by Clint Eastwood, based on the book. It is the largest of the city's municipal cemeteries, containing nearly 160 acres.

Emmet Park
Emmet Park4.77km from Old Fort Jackson

This 8-acre park is most famous for its old-world beauty and historical features. Here, visitors can explore the remnants of a Revolutionary War era fortification which still houses the original brass cannons. They can also travel on the hiking trails traversing through sweeping maritime forests boasting turning colors in Fall. Additionally, Emmet Park contains a fishing pier where visitors can try to catch dinner or simply watch the sun rise at dawn over the banks of Lake Mayer.

Davenport House Museum
Davenport House Museum4.94km from Old Fort Jackson

The Isaiah Davenport House is a historic home in Savannah, Georgia, United States, built-in 1820. It has been operated as a historic house museum by the Historic Savannah Foundation since 1963.

Columbia Square
Columbia Square4.95km from Old Fort Jackson

Columbia Square is a beautiful community Sitting along the banks of the Wilmington River, it is teeming with outdoor activities and breathtaking views. From biking trails and canoeing to exploring nearby beaches and state parks, Columbia Square offers something for everyone looking to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Just a short drive away from downtown Savannah's hustle and bustle, locals have no problem striking a balance between city living and an escape into nature's warmth.

Factor's Walk
Factor's Walk5.02km from Old Fort Jackson

The area, made up of more than 140 houses cobble-stoned together, was the epicenter of the American slave trade in the 1800s. Its streets are lined with colorful buildings of African-American heritage, epitomizing the strong sense of community that still exists at Factor's Walk today. Not only a place steeped in history and culture but also a lively destination for shopping and leisure activities, It boasts an artisan market where vendors sell locally crafted goods.

Where is Old Fort Jackson

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Chatham County
Chatham County
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Chatham County is the northernmost of Georgia's coastal counties on the Atlantic Ocean. It is bounded on the northeast by the Savannah River, and in the southwest bounded by the Ogeechee River.