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Telfair Museums - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

207 W York St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA


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About Telfair Museums

Telfair Museums, in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia, was the first public art museum in the Southern United States. Its extensive permanent collection of works dates from the eighteenth through the twenty-first century, and each year Telfair mounts temporary exhibitions showcasing a variety of artists, media, cultures, and periods. Telfair also offers educational programs.

Attractions Near Telfair Museums

Jepson Center for the Arts
Jepson Center for the Arts0.06km from Telfair Museums

Located in downtown Savannah, Georgia, the Jepson Center for the Arts offers an amazing experience for people of all ages. The center features galleries with inspiring and diverse artwork from both renowned and emerging artists, plus a historic home showcasing folk art and contemporary works. Additionally, there is a studio for teaching classes to adults and children, as well as interactive displays to engage visitors with the natural beauty of Chatham County.

Telfair Square
Telfair Square0.1km from Telfair Museums

Telfair Square is a landmark in the area's history and culture. Located west of the Savannah River near downtown, the park was originally created in 1733 as a city square. During the Revolutionary War, it served as a gathering place for soldiers and citizens to congregate. It has also been used as a space for public activities like concerts, markets and parades. Throughout its long life, Telfair Square has been witness to some significant events.

Telfair Academy
Telfair Academy0.14km from Telfair Museums

The Telfair Academy is an exemplary example of Georgian history and art. Originally established as the family home of Alexander Telfair in 1819, it provides a unique glimpse into the past with its Federal-style architecture. Today, it serves as a museum offering exhibits of 19th century American, decorative and fine arts and houses works by renowned artist such as Henry Ossawa Tanner, who was still alive when his works debuted at the Academy in 1914.

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace
Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace0.26km from Telfair Museums

This is a National Historic Landmark and the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA. Not only does the landmark provide visitors with insight into the life of an influential American change maker, it also serves as a reminder to recognize the power each person has to make positive impacts in their communities. With stunning gardens and unique tours, better understand Juliette's struggles and successes as she worked towards her goal.

Chippewa Square
Chippewa Square0.27km from Telfair Museums

Chippewa Square is one of the most known squares in all of Savannah, right in the center of everything.There’s a lot to see and do around the square, from plays to beautiful architecture.

American Prohibition Museum
American Prohibition Museum0.32km from Telfair Museums

The American Prohibition Museum offers an enlightening insight into the country's serious lapse into 'dryness.' The museum explores this period of US history between 1920 and 1933, when there was a nationwide ban on the manufacture and sale of alcohol. On display are artifacts including leaflets, documents, and photographs, as well as vintage cars used to transport booze during this era.

Where is Telfair Museums

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Chatham County
Chatham County
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Chatham County is the northernmost of Georgia's coastal counties on the Atlantic Ocean. It is bounded on the northeast by the Savannah River, and in the southwest bounded by the Ogeechee River.