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About Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery is one of the largest cemetery green spaces, in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. Founded as Atlanta Cemetery in 1850 on six acres (2.4 hectares) of land southeast of the city, it was renamed in 1872 to reflect the large number of oak and magnolia trees growing in the area.

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Birth Home of Martin Luther King, Jr

Birth Home of Martin Luther King, Jr

0.76km from Oakland Cemetery

Fulton County, Georgia is the birthplace of the iconic civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Martin Luther King Jr. On January 15th, 1929, Reverend Martin Luther King Sr. and Alberta Williams King welcomed their son into the world at a former slave plantation in this region of northwest Georgia near Atlanta. The young family lived from 1934 to 1941 in a modest but comfortable home on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta's oldest African American community.

Ebenezer Baptist Church

Ebenezer Baptist Church

0.77km from Oakland Cemetery

Ebenezer Baptist Church which was founded in 1886 is an evangelical Christian Baptist church located in Atlanta, United States, affiliated with the Progressive National Baptist Convention. It is one of the main attractions in Fulton county.

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park consists of several buildings in Atlanta, Georgia, including Martin Luther King Jr.'s boyhood home and the original Ebenezer Baptist Church, the church where King was baptized and both his father Martin Luther King Sr. and he were pastors. These places, critical to the interpretation of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy as a leader of the American Civil Rights Movement, were included in the former national historic site establis

Krog Street Tunnel

Krog Street Tunnel

1km from Oakland Cemetery

The Krog Street Tunnel is an iconic destination known for its street art, vibrant energy, and eclectic vibe. Located in the Inman Park district near the Old Fourth Ward, the tunnel provides a cultural touchstone for locals and visitors alike. Visitors can explore many different murals that line nearly every inch of the tunnel – it's estimated that there are almost 150 works of public art, including 2D and 3D pieces from celebrated local artists.

Krog Street tunnel

Krog Street tunnel

1.12km from Oakland Cemetery

The Krog Street Tunnel is an iconic local landmark. Located near Atlanta's historic Inman Park, the tunnel is a major public transportation route, as well as a pedestrian shortcut and popular photo opp. With its high arches and covered walls that are painted regularly by both professional and amateur muralists, it has also become an outdoor art gallery recognized worldwide.

Jackson Street Bridge

Jackson Street Bridge

1.31km from Oakland Cemetery

The Jackson Street Bridge is a bridge on the Passaic River between Newark and Harrison, New Jersey. The swing bridge is the 6th bridge from the river's mouth at Newark Bay and is 4.6 miles upstream from it. Opened in 1903 and substantially rehabilitated in 1991 it is listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.The bridge was re-lamped in 2012.

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Fulton County

Fulton County

39 attractions

Fulton county is the state's most populous county and its only one with over 1 million inhabitants which was blessed with so many beautiful places and is one of the major cities also.

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