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Wadi Bin Hammad - Things to Know Before Visiting

Kerak, Jordan

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About Wadi Bin Hammad

A Hot Spring hidden deep in a large valley with lush vegetation, hanging gardens, palm trees, and plenty of water running through a narrow gorge.

Attractions Near Wadi Bin Hammad

Al Karak Castle
Al Karak Castle15.12km from Wadi Bin Hammad

A large Crusader castle located in al-Karak, Jordan. It is one of the largest crusader castles in the Levant.

Wadi Numeira
Wadi Numeira20.87km from Wadi Bin Hammad

Valley known for its deep gorge cut through the sandstone. It gives its name to the Bronze Age ruins located at its mouth with the Dead Sea- the archaeological site of Numeira.

Wadi Mujib
Wadi Mujib26.84km from Wadi Bin Hammad

Wadi Mujib, the biblical Arnon stream is a river canyon which enters the Dead Sea at 420 metres (1,380 ft) below sea level. The canyon consists of mountainous, rocky, and sparsely vegetated desert (up to 800 metres (2,600 ft)), with cliffs and gorges cutting through plateaus. Perennial, spring-fed streams flow to the shores of the Dead Sea.

Fortress of Machaerus
Fortress of Machaerus29.66km from Wadi Bin Hammad

A fortified hilltop palace, it is the location of the imprisonment and execution of John the Baptist. It was originally built by the Hasmonean king, Alexander Jannaeus (104 BC-78 BC) in about the year 90 BC. The hilltop, which stands about 1,100 meters above Dead Sea level, is surrounded on all sides by deep ravines which provide great natural strength.

Lot's Cave
Lot's Cave30.59km from Wadi Bin Hammad

The place were Lot, brother of Abraham is said to have lived in a cave with his two daughters. The place consists of a monastery, a Byzantine basilica from the 7th century A.D. and the Cave of Lot.

Dead Sea
Dead Sea32.19km from Wadi Bin Hammad

The surface and the shores of the dead sea are 425 meters below the sea level, making it Earth's lowest elevation on land. It is also one of the saltiest water bodies in the world- 9.6 times as salty as the oceans making plant and animal life impossible in Dead Sea.

Where is Wadi Bin Hammad

Discover More Attractions in Karak Governorate, Where Wadi Bin Hammad Is Located

Karak Governorate
Karak Governorate
6 attractions

The land of Karak Governorate was the home of the Kingdom of Moab, during the first millennium BC. Their capital and stronghold is believed to be near the city of Al Karak, which was known as the Qir of Moab.