Attractions to explore nearby George Bush Park/Eldridge - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby George Bush Park/Eldridge

George Bush Park/EldridgeGeorge Bush Park/Eldridge, Houston, TX, USA

This park is located in the Houston, Named in honor of former Houston-area U.S. Representative and President George H. W. Bush, It was entirely within a large flood control structure called Barker. The park covers around 7800 acres and most of the areas are remaining undeveloped and is used for the storage of the floodwater. Currently, it includes a soccer and baseball field complexes, a shooting range, and a dog park.

Edith L Moore Nature Sanctuary7.41 KMs away from George Bush Park/Eldridge

This is a nature sanctuary which was located in Houston, Texas. the sanctuary includes a restored log cabin for hosting educational programs and houses administrative offices for the Houston Audubon Society. There also operates a plant nursery that provides wildflowers and grasses for coastal prairie restoration projects or offered for sale to support the Audubon programs. This sanctuary was a rich collection of wildlife, flora and fauna.