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Lankayan Island - Things to Know Before Visiting

Lankayan Island, Malaysia

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About Lankayan Island

A small tropical coral resort island popular for its aquatic life. Green and hawksbill sea turtles make this island a key nesting spot in the Sulu Sea.

Attractions Near Lankayan Island

Pulau Silingaan
Pulau Silingaan42.24km from Lankayan Island

One of three islands dedicated to green and hawksbill turtle conservation, and the only island which permits visitors to view turtles nesting and hatchlings being released. One of the rare places in the world where turtles arrive 365 days per year to nest.

Great Bakkungaan Island
Great Bakkungaan Island44.07km from Lankayan Island

A small island located in the Tawi Tawi, which was one of the beautiful places in the area. It is the third-largest of the Philippine Turtle Islands at 51 hectares with the highest elevation at 58 metres and it is also part of the Turtle Islands Wildlife Sanctuary.

Taganak Island
Taganak Island66.62km from Lankayan Island

Turtle Islands, formerly known as Taganak, is a coastal municipality in the island province of Tawi-Tawi. Turtle Islands is part of the Sulu Archipelago which is composed of approximately 400 islands of varying shapes and sizes. It was proclaimed as Wildlife Sanctuary under Proclamation No. 171 on August 26, 1999, and identified as Extremely High for biodiversity conservation. The only major nesting habitat of Green sea turtles in the Philippines.

Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary
Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary67.86km from Lankayan Island

Located at the center of the mangrove forest, the sanctuary offers spots to observe Proboscis monkeys.

Sandakan Memorial Park
Sandakan Memorial Park72.59km from Lankayan Island

Sandakan Memorial Park commemorates the lives of thousands of allied prisoners of war who perished in Borneo at the hands of their Japanese captors.

Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC)

Research center for improving animal welfare and rehabilitation of the Malayan sun bear. It also aims to raise public awareness about the plight of the sun bears and to raise conservation awareness about this species.

Where is Lankayan Island

Discover More Attractions in Sabah, Where Lankayan Island Is Located

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Sabah has abundant natural resources, and its economy is strongly export oriented. Its primary exports include oil, gas, timber and palm oil. Sabah shares maritime borders with Vietnam to the west and the Philippines to the north and east.

What Visitors Say About Lankayan Island

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Adarsh  MP
Adarsh MP
Its a myriad of marine life, coral and sunken weeds. There is only one resort in here and all you need to do is swim, snorkel, dive, eat, sleep and repeat.