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20 Attractions to Explore Near Hallstatt

HallstattHallstatt, Austria


A small picturesque town declared as one of the World Heritage Sites in Austria. Hallstatt is known for its production of salt, dating back to prehistoric times.

Nearby Attractions

Central Square
Central Square0.02 KMs away from Hallstatt

Central Square Marktplatz today is an iconic example of Austrian architecture and a nexus of the town of Hallstatt. Visit the square, nestled within the city named to the World Heritage List, and wander among a host of old buildings marked by balconies and steep roofs. One of the iconic attraction in this area and also there are so many other options too.

Welterbemuseum Hallstatt
Welterbemuseum Hallstatt0.04 KMs away from Hallstatt

The Hallstatt Museum is a museum in Hallstatt, Upper Austria, that has an unrivalled collection of discoveries from the local salt mines and from the cemeteries of Iron Age date near to the mines, which have made Hallstatt the type site for the important Hallstatt culture. The museum, the salt mines, and the Dachstein Ice Cave are designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Echerntal1.81 KMs away from Hallstatt

Echerntal is a valley in Upper Austria and has an elevation of 546 metres. Echerntal is situated nearby to Feuerwehrzeughaus, and close to Hirlatzhöhle. It is one of the iconic location which was blessed with natural beauty and also there are so many things to see and do here. b

Hallstätter See
Hallstätter See2.09 KMs away from Hallstatt

Hallstätter See is a lake in the Salzkammergut, Austria. It is named after Hallstatt, a small market town famous for its salt mining since prehistoric times and for being the starting point of the world's oldest still-working industrial pipeline, used to transport brine to Bad Ischl and further to Ebensee. Its surface is approximately 8.55 km2 and its maximum depth is 125 metres. It is a popular destination for tourists, especially scuba divers.

Dachstein Krippenstein
Dachstein Krippenstein4.48 KMs away from Hallstatt

The Dachstein Krippenstein cable car not only takes you to the Schönbergalm, the Dachstein Ice Caves and to the Mammoth Cave without any need to flex those muscles, it also takes you to Obertraun’s local mountain, the Krippenstein at 2100m.

5 Fingers
5 Fingers5.32 KMs away from Hallstatt

The "5fingers" viewing platform in Obertraun is one of the most spectacular viewing platforms in Austria and offers adrenaline rushes at the highest level. It was named "5 Fingers" by virtue of its hand-like shape. The individual fingers, which are approximately 4 m long fingers, are built over a precipice of about 400 m depth. The observation deck is illuminated at night, making it visible from Hallstatt and Obertraun.

Dachstein Mammoth Cave
Dachstein Mammoth Cave5.33 KMs away from Hallstatt

The Dachstein Mammoth Cave is located on the edge of the northern Dachstein Mountains above the municipality of Obertraun in close proximity to the Dachstein Giant Ice Cave and the Hirlatz Cave. This giant Mammut Cave is one of the largest karst caves in the world impresses with its size, variety of shapes and spectacular artistic installations – something you would never expect to see beneath the ground in Salzkammergut.

Krippenstein5.68 KMs away from Hallstatt

The Hohe Krippenstein is a 2,108 m high, popular panoramic mountain on the northern edge of the Dachstein Mountains in Upper Austria. It has the shape of a double peak : in front of the Hohe Krippenstein, 500 m away, is a very rocky summit of 2,034 m, which carries a transmitter mast and the so-called pioneer cross. A good trekking destination and also it offers beautiful views of this area.

Dachstein Giant Ice Cave
Dachstein Giant Ice Cave5.99 KMs away from Hallstatt

The Dachstein Ice cave lies high above the Trauntal valley and is just a few minutes’ walk away from the Schönbergalm. The ice is formed by water which seeps from the Dachstein plateau down into the cave through small cracks and joins in the cliff. It is one of the iconic attraction in this area and the ice with its fascinating, glistening shapes and figures, is immersed in light and music.

Alpine Club Austria - Simonyhütte
Alpine Club Austria - Simonyhütte7.09 KMs away from Hallstatt

The Simonyhütte is a refuge of the Austrian Alpine Association named after the geographer and alpine researcher "Friedrich Simony. The hut has offered mountain climbers protection and accommodation for 135 years. But the Simonyhütte is more than just a refuge - it is a training center for numerous courses and courses on rock and ice, it is a daily destination for hikers and ski mountaineers and, last but not least, it is an important base for climbing the Dachstein.

Gosautal8.71 KMs away from Hallstatt

Gosau is a much-loved alpine village and is famous for its famous lake. From here visitors can admire the most beautiful and most famous views of „King Dachstein“. The area is also well-known for its ancient woodland and lush mountain pastures, and attracts many nature lovers too. If you are looking for lots of fun, the Primeval Forest in Gosau is just the place for you. All this and much more fun besides. We hope to see you soon!

Skiregion Dachstein West
Skiregion Dachstein West9.84 KMs away from Hallstatt

The Dachstein West ski resort stretches between the villages of Russbach, Gosau and Annaberg. At the winter sports resort in the breath-taking Dachstein Mountains, they place a high priority on offering more than just skiing. The numerous "Gaudi" slopes and the large freestyle snowpark for beginners and advanced freestylers provide excitement and fun. A true highlight is the Panoronda, a 44 km long panorama ski circuit along the Dachstein.

Hinterer Gosausee
Hinterer Gosausee10.02 KMs away from Hallstatt

A beautiful hiking trail along the Vorderen Gosau lake, to the Gosaulacke and on to the Hinterer Gosau lake. You have a wonderful view of the Dachstein. It is best to walk along the left side of the Vorderen Gosau lake, here you have the Dachstein with its glacier in view. Past the Gosaulacke there are a few steep passages towards the goal. Again and again you have great views of King Dachstein.

Hoher Dachstein
Hoher Dachstein10.22 KMs away from Hallstatt

Hoher Dachstein is the main peak of the Dachstein massif, which contains several 100 limestone peaks and marks the border between the Austrian provinces Styria, Salzburg and Upper Austria. The main summit of the Hoher Dachstein is at an elevation of 2,995 metres. Seen from the north, the Dachstein massif is dominated by glaciers with rocky summits rising beyond them. By contrast, to the south, the mountain drops almost vertically to the valley floor.

Treppe ins Nichts
Treppe ins Nichts10.51 KMs away from Hallstatt

Treppe ins Nichts is an observation deck at a very high altitude in Upper Austria. 14 narrow steps lead you down to a glass platform at a dizzying height . Whoever steps on these stairs stands directly in the rock face 400m above the foot of the wall . The "stairway to nowhere" was completed in July 2013 and is now directly connected to the suspension bridge. The total weight of the stairs is 5 tons .

Zwieselalm11.07 KMs away from Hallstatt

The Zwieselalm , formerly also the Zwieselalpe , is a pasture area in the Salzkammergut in Austria at an altitude of between 1300 and 1500 meters. In summer, the Zwieselalm is a beautiful hiking area, which can be reached either by foot or with the Gosaukamm cable car from Lake Gosau. In winter, the Zwieselalm forms a part of the Dachstein-West ski area, where, in addition to perfect conditions for families, there are also some freeride runs for experienced winter sports fans.

Gosauseen11.35 KMs away from Hallstatt

A beautiful picturesque mountain lake situated between the impressive Dachstein Glacier and the mighty peaks of the Gosaukamm. Experience hiking, climbing, or diving during your visit to Lake Gosau in the Salzkammergut. In the case of Gosaulacke, rain and water from thawing snow feed the lake. Its main inflow comes from the medium-sized inner lake and the main outflow feeds the much larger outer lake.

Dachstein glacier
Dachstein glacier12.57 KMs away from Hallstatt

A majestic glacier located between the towns of Ramsau am Dachstein in the south and Hallstatt and Obertraun in the north, in Austria. Snow is at the top of the glacier throughout the year. However snow is soft in summer. It remains snow-covered for much of the year. This mountain is located at the borders of Salzburg, Upper Austria and Styria. The train stops at Schladming and from there is a bus to the village below the Dachstein Mountains.

Dachstein-Gletscher (Schladming-Dachstein)
Dachstein-Gletscher (Schladming-Dachstein)12.62 KMs away from Hallstatt

The Dachstein Glacier ski area, is located on the Dachstein massif and is accessible via the Dachstein Südwandbahn cable car from Ramsau in the upper Ennstal. The area is in the province of Upper Austria , but belongs to the Styrian Tourist Association Holiday Region Schladming-Dachstein . The ski area is a member of the Salzburg -Styrian Ski amadé and is still in the UNESCO World Heritage area of Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut .

Loser13.14 KMs away from Hallstatt

A majestic mountain in the Ausseerland in Austria . The mountain is the most prominent landmark of the Ausseerland. It features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking. The largest solar power plant of the Alps is located on the southern slope of Loser at an elevation of 1600 metres.