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8 Attractions to Explore Near Thacher Park

Thacher Park
Thacher Park1 Hailes Cave Rd, Voorheesville, NY 12186, USA

This is a state park located southwest of Albany. The park has several hiking trails that offer panoramic views of the Green Mountains in Vermont and the Taconic Mountains of the Hudson Valley.

Nearby Attractions

Buckingham Lake
Buckingham Lake16.59 KMs away from Thacher Park

This is a body of water located in a residential area of Albany, New York. The lake is adjacent to Buckingham Lake Park, a small recreation area with picnic tables and playground equipment. The lake is surrounded by a gravel path that is a few feet wide. Streets that border the lake include Berkshire Boulevard, Euclid Avenue, Lenox Avenue, and Colonial Avenue.

Washington Park
Washington Park19.28 KMs away from Thacher Park

It is the city's premier park and the site of many festivals and gatherings. As public property, it dates back to the city charter in 1686 and has seen many uses including that of gunpowder storage, square/parade grounds, and cemetery. Daily a lot of people visit this place every day and is one of the popular tourist attractions in Albany county.

Lincoln Park
Lincoln Park19.80 KMs away from Thacher Park

This is an urban park located in Albany, Newyork. This was Albany's first playground. The park features Albany's only outdoor non-wading swimming pool, along with several tennis courts, basketball courts, and football and baseball fields and more.

New York State Museum
New York State Museum20.20 KMs away from Thacher Park

The New York State Museum is a research-backed institution in Albany. The museum houses art, artifacts (prehistoric and historic), and ecofacts that reflect New York’s cultural, natural, and geological development. it is the nation's oldest and largest state museum. The museum now occupies the first four floors of the Cultural Education Center.

Albany Institute of History & Art
Albany Institute of History & Art20.29 KMs away from Thacher Park

This is a museum in Albany, New York which was promoting interest in the history, art, and culture. It is among the oldest museums in the United States.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception20.30 KMs away from Thacher Park

This is a Roman Catholic church near the Mansion District in Albany, New York. Built-in the period of 1848-1852, it is the mother church of the Diocese of Albany. In 1976 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

New York State Capitol
New York State Capitol20.52 KMs away from Thacher Park

This is the seat of the New York State government. The capitol building is part of the Empire State Plaza complex on State Street in Capitol Park. Once it was the most expensive government building.

The First Church in Albany
The First Church in Albany21.04 KMs away from Thacher Park

Also known as North dutch church located at the north pearl and orange streets in Albany. It is a member congregation of the Reformed Church in America. It was built in the period of 1797-1799 and it was the oldest church in Albany.