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Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

370 Zoo Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32218, USA


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About Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

The zoo occupies approximately 117 acres (47 ha) and has over 2,000 animals and 1,000 plants in its collection. Since 1999 the zoo has been home to a large breeding colony of wild wood storks.

Attractions Near Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Henry J. Klutho Park
Henry J. Klutho Park7.24km from Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Henry J. Klutho Park is a public park situated on 5 acres of land with walking trails, playground equipment, and an environmental education station. There are plenty of benches to relax on while enjoying the natural beauty of the park or listening to the sounds of nature echoing through the trees. The park was established in 2003 and is named after Jacksonville's renowned early 20th century architect, Henry John Klutho.

Karpeles Manuscript Library
Karpeles Manuscript Library7.36km from Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

The Karpeles Manuscript Library is an incredible resource for students and history buffs alike. The library houses 12 original documents of significant historical importance from a variety of periods and cultures. Inside the building's climate-controlled interior, visitors can view first-hand some of the most influential pieces of writing ever created – including America's first draft of the Declaration of Independence and the earliest known medical treatise on smallpox.

Springfield Park
Springfield Park7.59km from Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Springfield Park is a fantastic destination for outdoor activities and relaxation. Situated along the shores of the St. Johns River, this family-friendly park provides a beautiful backdrop for picnics or just taking in the sights of nature. You'll find an array of outdoor recreating options here such as biking, portable boat rentals and kayaking. There are also plenty of shaded trails perfect for a quiet stroll or jog to admire the river or riverside wetland regions and native wildlife habitats.

Basilica of The Immaculate Conception
Basilica of The Immaculate Conception8.2km from Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

The beautiful Basilica of the Immaculate Conception is an awe-inspiring sight. Built in 1873,which boasts two magnificent towers at its entrance and a stained glass window depicting Mary’s ascension into Heaven. Inside, visitors find soaring columns and intricately designed walls, featuring the fruits of decades of inspired artistry. The heart of the basilica is a stunning dome, framed with vibrant murals set against detailed mosaics. Here pilgrims can light candles in an offering of prayer.

St. John's Cathedral
St. John's Cathedral8.2km from Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

St. John's Cathedral is an Episcopal cathedral with a unique significance. It has served as not only a place of worship for the region since 1831 but also a gathering spot for historical and social events. The building itself is a strong symbol of architecture from the late 19th century; its exterior features several Grecian-style columns and a brick façade adorned with stained glass windows. Inside, visitors can appreciate intricate wooden structures and artworks spanning several centuries.

MOCA (Museum Of Contemporary Art), Jacksonville
MOCA (Museum Of Contemporary Art), Jacksonville8.24km from Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

This is an incredible place to view and appreciate art from a wide range of periods. From classic Modernism to cutting-edge contemporary styles, MOCA consistently offers ambitious and thought-provoking exhibitions to spark dialogue and inspire reflection. With its robust collections, outstanding installations and dynamic educational programming, MOCA Jacksonville is an essential part of the cultural landscape in the area.

Where is Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

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Duval County
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The county has an area of 918 square miles (2,380 km2), of which 762 square miles (1,970 km2) is land and 156 square miles (400 km2) (17.0%) is water.[8] The topography is coastal plain; however, there are some rolling hills.