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20 Attractions to Explore Near San Buenaventura Mission

San Buenaventura Mission
San Buenaventura Mission211 E Main St, Ventura, CA 93001, USA

This is a Spanish mission founded by the Franciscans in present-day Ventura. It was the ninth Spanish mission established in California.

Nearby Attractions

Museum of Ventura County
Museum of Ventura County0.13 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

A majestic museum, which celebrates the history, art, and culture of Ventura County and the Channel Islands through its collections, exhibits, educational programs and publications.

San Buenaventura City Hall
San Buenaventura City Hall0.47 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

This is one of the Venturas majestic historic building built in 1912-13, used as a courthouse until 1972. It was the first building in the City of Ventura to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has also received historic designations at the state, county and city levels. It is available for rental for your next gathering.Its public indoor and outdoor spaces—Atrium, Patio, Foyer and Community Meeting Room have beautiful floors, ceilings and walls of marble.

Ventura Botanical Gardens
Ventura Botanical Gardens0.61 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

A beautiful botanical garden, boasting spectacular nearly 360-degree views including the California coast, lush agricultural landscapes. With spectacular coastal views, they offer breathtaking event locations—Summit Plateau, Rotary Plaza, and the newly established welcome center. It is one of the iconic locations in this area.

The Majestic Ventura Theater
The Majestic Ventura Theater0.61 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

This is a historic live concert venue in the city of Venutura. This was "the only luxury theatre built in Ventura County in the 1920s in the "style of the great movie palaces." the theatre was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

Ventura Pier
Ventura Pier0.91 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

Formerly known as Ventura wharf is a wooden pier located on the Pacific Ocean in Ventura. The pier has been designated as Ventura Historic Landmark No. 20.

San Buenaventura State Beach
San Buenaventura State Beach2.26 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

A beautiful beach which is located in Ventura County of California. The beach consists of a 1700 foot pier that has a snack bar, restaurant, and a bait shop. People often come to this beach to surf, swim, and picnic.

Ventura Beach
Ventura Beach2.32 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

A beautiful beach located in the coasts of Ventura and is famous for its other leisure activities too. There are so many other options in this beach.

Marina Park
Marina Park4.01 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

A majestic 15-acre beachfront park in Ventura, featuring a large open grassy area for kids to play, families to host a picnic, or to just sit and enjoy the California sunshine.This park has nearly an entire mile of oceanfront that’s directly adjacent to Ventura Harbor, with plenty of beachfront land and flat sand.

Emma Wood State Beach
Emma Wood State Beach4.08 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

Emma Wood State Beach is a beautiful beach located on the Santa Barbara Channel on the west side of the Ventura River estuary and south of the railroad tracks of the Coast Line. Its campground has 90 beach-front primitive campsites and all have beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands. At the eastern edge of the beach, the Ventura River estuary attracts a variety of wildlife, including great blue herons. A total of 300 plant species and 233 species of birds.

Arroyo Verde Park
Arroyo Verde Park6.50 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

Arroyo Verde Park is a beautiful and important natural preserve and recreational resource. The park consists of 132 acres of relatively rugged land - featuring 14 acres of tree lined open grass areas, individual picnic/barbecue sites, three group barbecue areas, a nature center, several miles of hiking trails, restrooms and two children's play areas.

Olivas Adobe Historic Park
Olivas Adobe Historic Park6.51 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

The Olivas Adobe in Ventura, California is an adobe structure built in 1837 by Raymundo Olivas on the north bank of the Santa Clara River about a mile from the estuary where it flows into the Santa Barbara Channel.He and his wife and their 21 children lived here until 1899. It later became Max Fleischmann's hunting lodge . After his death, his foundation donated the land and the house to the City of Ventura.

Mcgrath State Beach
Mcgrath State Beach7.55 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

McGrath State Beach is one of the best bird-watching areas in California, with the lush riverbanks of the Santa Clara River and sand dunes along the shore.A nature trail leads to the Santa Clara Estuary Natural Preserve. Camping sites are available. Two miles of beach provide surfing and fishing opportunities.

Rincon Beach
Rincon Beach11.71 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

A famous surf spot in California, known around the world for its well-formed waves and long rides. It is home to the Rincon Classic surf championship scheduled for January each year.

Lake Casitas
Lake Casitas11.81 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

Lake Casitas is a reservoir in Ventura County, built by the United States Bureau of Reclamation. It has more than 400 campsites along the lake's north shore. The 2,500-acre lake is only 10 miles inland from Ventura and offers a wonderful spot for families to relax by the water. The lake is well known as one of the best bass fishing destinations in the state. Many campers like the quiet atmosphere around the lake.

Oxnard State Beach Park
Oxnard State Beach Park12.89 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

A public beach, playground, and picnic area at the edge of the Oxnard Plain. The park includes palm tree lined pathways and a bike/walking path connecting the communities of Oxnard Shores and Channel Islands Beach. There is also an easy bike/walking connection to Channel Islands Harbor. Oxnard Beach Park includes two barbecue areas with a capacity of 200 occupants, each with a public sink, table, and a large grill. Activities include beachcombing, walking, and ocean swimming.

Channel Islands Harbor
Channel Islands Harbor14.35 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

Channel Islands Harbor is a small craft harbor and shore-protection project in Oxnard, California at the southern end of the Santa Barbara Channel. It is the fifth largest harbor for small-craft recreation in the state of California[4] and is a waterfront resort, recreation, and dining marketplace. Recreational activities include diving, boat charters, sea kayaking, sportfishing, and whale watching.

Heritage Square
Heritage Square14.56 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

Heritage Square is by far an exceptionally original and notably historic part of Oxnard. The 15 beautifully restored structures on our site preserve some of the special history of Oxnard’s early pioneer families. The homes have been re-purposed for business use, but you can still find a glimmer of what was, in historical Oxnard.

Hollywood Beach
Hollywood Beach15.04 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

A beautiful beach located in the south end of the peninsula that separates Channel Islands Harbor from the ocean. It is wide and about a mile long. Because of this huge sandy expanse. it is very popular among tourists and also there are so many beach leisure activities possible.

US Navy Seabee Museum
US Navy Seabee Museum15.52 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

This is a majestic museum dedicated to the men and women who served in the Battalion. It aims to highlight the deeds of the United States Naval Construction Battalions during both times of war and peace.

Mullin Automotive Museum
Mullin Automotive Museum16.48 KMs away from San Buenaventura Mission

This is a privately owned museum in Oxnard, California. It displays the personal car collection of businessman and philanthropist Peter W. Mullin. The museum has a large collection of vintage Bugattis, and many of the cars are fully restored and able to be driven.