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According to Puranic traditions, Lord Krishna, Lord Balram and Krishna's friend Sudama were taught by Kalaguru Sandipani at the ashram here. The temple here is the only temple in India to have a standing statue of Nandi - the sacred bull. A holy pond known as Gomti Kund exists nearby. Krishna is believed to have bought Gomti River here so that his guru did not have to go to Dwarika every day to take a holy dip in the Gomti river.

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Ram Janardan Temple

Ram Janardan Temple

0.43km from Maharshi Sandipani Ashram

Ram Janardhan Mandir, built in the 17th century by Mirza Raja Jaisingh is a perfect example of the elegant and fabulous architectural structural style of the Maratha period. Many amazing, striking and excellent sculptures of the 11th-12th century like those of the Brahma, Mashesa, Govardhandhari Krishna and Vishnu adorns these shrines and add to their charm and beauty.

Mangalnath Mandir

Mangalnath Mandir

1.12km from Maharshi Sandipani Ashram

The Mangalnath Temple is a Hindu temple located in the Ujjain. It is dedicated to Mahadeva, the guardian deity of the city. It is one of the most active temples in the city. It is regarded as the birthplace of Mars. Famous for a clear view of the planet and hence suitable for astronomical studies.

Shaktipeeth Shri Gadhkalika Mata Temple, Ujjain

Shaktipeeth Shri Gadhkalika Mata Temple, Ujjain

1.28km from Maharshi Sandipani Ashram

It is located 2 miles away from Ujjain. the idol in the temple of Gadkalika is supposed to have been worshipped by Kalidasa. It is said that Kalidasa was an uneducated person and it was due to his dedication to Goddess Kalika that he earned her blessings and also acquired unparalleled literary skills. It seems that the temple was renovated in the Paramara period. Now it is a famous tourist destination in Ujjain.

Shri Kaal Bhairav Temple, Bhairav Garh, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

This is the famous Hindu temple in Ujjain which is dedicated to Kaal Bhairav, the most important among the eight Bhairavas, which was the creation fo Lord shiva. This temple is located in a serene surrounding and Liquor is one of the offerings made to the temple deity. There are also so many interesting things to do here.

Shri Ram Ghat

Shri Ram Ghat

3.38km from Maharshi Sandipani Ashram

Sri ram mandir Gaht is considered as one of the oldest bathing ghats in India and holds the relevance with the Kumbhmela celebrations. It is of immense importance to the Hindus because it is one of the four locations where Kumbh Mela is held every 12 years.

Shree Bada Ganesh Mandir

Shree Bada Ganesh Mandir

3.44km from Maharshi Sandipani Ashram

Bade Ganeshji ka Mandir is a magnificent temple in Ujjain that houses one of the biggest idols of Lord Ganesh. Resting along the Mahakaleshwar reservoir. The middle of the temple gate is adorned with a PanchamuKhi image of Lord Hanuman. This is a good place to visit in Ujjain.

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Ujjain is the largest city of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh by population and it exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment and has been described as the commercial capital of the state.

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