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Sanjay National Park - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Belgaon, Madhya Pradesh 486669, India

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About Sanjay National Park

Sanjay National Park is a national park in Chhattisgarh and Koriya, Sidhi. It covers an area of 466.657 km2 and is a part of the Sanjay-Dubri Tiger Reserve. It is located in the Narmada Valley dry deciduous forests ecoregion. The national park is mostly composed of tropical forests and also has a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Attractions Near Sanjay National Park

Caves Of Mada Aashin
Caves Of Mada Aashin42.71km from Sanjay National Park

This cave complex consists of two caves of which one is a temple cave and the other is an underground cave which is in the form of a pool. The temple consists of Lord Shiva statue and the statue of a goddess. The most interesting aspect is that the pool cave has an unidentified source of water and was probably used as a bathing pool in ancient times.

Amritdhara Waterfall
Amritdhara Waterfall65.03km from Sanjay National Park

This is a natural waterfall with a height of 90 feet which was originating from the Hasdeo river. A Beautiful picnic spot which will blow your mind and this is a good place forweekend getaway with families.

Singrauli Super Thermal Station
Singrauli Super Thermal Station69.96km from Sanjay National Park

Singrauli Super Thermal Power Plant is located at Shaktinagar in Sonebhadra district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The power plant is the first power plant of NTPC. It sources coal from Jayant and Bina mines and water from Rihand Reservoir. There is a lot of states in India benefitting from this power plant.

BanSagar Dam
BanSagar Dam86.49km from Sanjay National Park

Bansagar or Ban Sagar Dam is a multipurpose river Valley Project on Son River situated in the Ganges Basin in Madhya Pradesh, India with both irrigation and 435 MW of hydroelectric power generation .

Govindgarh Palace
Govindgarh Palace96.01km from Sanjay National Park

Govindgarh Palace was a summer retreat to the King of Rewa as it is surrounded by some enchanting waterfalls. The construction dates back to the year 1882 AD, and this palace is a work of the Baghela Dynasty. This palace is also considered as Mini Vrindavan and is famous for the Sundreja Mangoes and its breezy location.

Bahuti Waterfall (kadha)
Bahuti Waterfall (kadha)102.07km from Sanjay National Park

This is the highest waterfall in Madhya Pradesh which was on the river Sellar as it rushes down the edge of the Valley of Mauganj to join the Bihad River, which is a tributary of Tamsa or Tons River. It is an example of a nick point caused by rejuvenation. It has a height of 198 meters.

Where is Sanjay National Park

Discover More Attractions in Sidhi, Where Sanjay National Park Is Located

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Sidhi is one of the tribal districts of Madhya Pradesh state of India which is part of the Rewa division. Sidhi district is a repository of natural, historical and cultural history. This district is known for luxuriant natural resources with the river Sone draining the district.