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Kedareshwar Mandir - Things to Know Before Visiting

Ratlam-baswara road,salena, Palsoda, Shastri Nagar, kana, road, Madhya Pradesh 457001, India

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About Kedareshwar Mandir

The Kedareshwar Temple is another Shiva temple situated in the Sailana Village of Ratlam District which was built in a man-made cave that has been carved out of a cliff of igneous rocks. The area around this temple is also a popular picnic spot in the place. People come here to enjoy the spiritual as well as natural beauty.

Attractions Near Kedareshwar Mandir

Kagdi Pick Up Weir
Kagdi Pick Up Weir62.8km from Kedareshwar Mandir

Kagdi Pick Up Weir, located 3 km away from Ratlam road, is one of the major tourist attractions in Banswara. This tourist attraction features beautiful gardens, fountains and water stretching over the vast land.

Mandareshwar Temple
Mandareshwar Temple62.91km from Kedareshwar Mandir

An ancient temple situated n Banswara which was built in 12th century AD.

Andeshwar Parswanath jain temple
Andeshwar Parswanath jain temple71.36km from Kedareshwar Mandir

Located on a small hill in Kushalgarh Tehsil. The temple is home or the rare Shilalekhs from the 10th century.

Chintaman Ganesh Temple Ujjain
Chintaman Ganesh Temple Ujjain74.63km from Kedareshwar Mandir

Chintaman Ganesh is the biggest temple of Lord Ganesha in Ujjain which dates back to the 11th and 12th centuries when the Paramaras ruled over Malwa.. This temple is built across the Kshipra river. The temple is located now in the middle of the town's market. The Ganesha idol enshrined in this temple is supposed to be swayamabhu . there are also so many interesting things in and around this temple.

Shri Kaal Bhairav Temple, Bhairav Garh, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

This is the famous Hindu temple in Ujjain which is dedicated to Kaal Bhairav, the most important among the eight Bhairavas, which was the creation fo Lord shiva. This temple is located in a serene surrounding and Liquor is one of the offerings made to the temple deity. There are also so many interesting things to do here.

Shri Ram Ghat
Shri Ram Ghat76.01km from Kedareshwar Mandir

Sri ram mandir Gaht is considered as one of the oldest bathing ghats in India and holds the relevance with the Kumbhmela celebrations. It is of immense importance to the Hindus because it is one of the four locations where Kumbh Mela is held every 12 years.

Where is Kedareshwar Mandir

Discover More Attractions in Ratlam, Where Kedareshwar Mandir Is Located

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Ratlam is one of the important districts of Madhya Pradesh Which is situated in the northwest part of the State of the malwa Region. It was once one of the first Commercial Towns in Central India is the center of an extensive trade in opium, tobacco, and salt.