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Sanchi Stupa - Things to Know Before Visiting

Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh 464661, India

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About Sanchi Stupa

One of the oldest surviving stone structures in India and a specimen of Buddhist architecture which shows light to the relation between King Ashoka and Buddhism. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a landmark structure in tracing the evolution of Indian architecture starting with the Maurya period.

Attractions Near Sanchi Stupa
ASI Museum- Sanchi
ASI Museum- Sanchi0.5km from Sanchi Stupa

This Archaeological Museum was opened in 1919 which was located in a hilltop in Sanchi. It consists of a main hall, four galleries, and a wide array of exhibits in the verandah and in the open courtyards. In the main hall, the exhibits will surely take the visitors to different eras in history. It represents the Indian historic periods like Mauryan, Satvahana, Gupta, Sunga, and Kushana.

Udaigiri Caves
Udaigiri Caves7.12km from Sanchi Stupa

Udayagirri caves are intricately carved caves situated in an isolated stone hill, reworked under the rule of Chandraguptha 2. it has numerous Buddhists remains creating the ambiance. It is one of the most important archaeological sites from the Gupta period and now it is under the control of the Archaeological Survey of India.

District Museum- Vidisha
District Museum- Vidisha9.02km from Sanchi Stupa

The Museum houses a large number of beautifully sculpted sculptures, terracotta, and coins which date back to the 9th and 10th century. Harappan art is also showcased in the museum which is absolutely splendid. A small park is also here with lush green trees surrounds the museum and is ideal to spend some peaceful time and relax.

Heliodorus Pillar
Heliodorus Pillar9.91km from Sanchi Stupa

The Heliodorus pillar is a stone column that was erected around 113 BCE in Besnagar. The pillar is named after Heliodorus, an ambassador of the Indo-Greek king Antialcidas from Taxila. This column was first noticed in 1877, during an archaeological survey by General Cunningham. With two prominent inscriptions, a thick coating of red lead paste prevented the inscriptions from being noticed.

Raisen Fort
Raisen Fort17.48km from Sanchi Stupa

A historical fort situated in the top a hill buuilt in 1200 AD made of sandstone. it stands as a testimonial to the amazing ancient architecture and quality of the ancient structures. The fort has been known for its Lord Shiva temple and Mahashivaratri celebrations. A working ancient cannon is also placed on the hill which is used during Ramadan for the announcement of sunset.

Halali Dam
Halali Dam23.98km from Sanchi Stupa

A huge reservoir in the distrcit of raisen built on the Halali River. This dam is popular among locals of Bhopal as an excellent spot for picnic and boat rides. Apart from this, the reservoir is home to aquatic life forms such as catla, mrigal, mystus, rohu and chitala.

Where is Sanchi Stupa
Discover More Attractions in Raisen, Where Sanchi Stupa Is Located
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Raisen District is a district of Madhya Pradesh state of India. The district is part of Bhopal Division. Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic Studies is the first international university located at Sanchi Town.

What Visitors Say About Sanchi Stupa
Sanchi sthuba is one of the oldest stone architecture in India. The Great Stupa was built in the 3rd century BCE by the emperor Ashoka.   The sculptures and monuments of Sanchi Stupa have been designated as the World Heritage site by UNESCO.