Attractions to explore nearby Rajbari Dighi - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Rajbari Dighi

Rajbari DighiRajbari Dighi, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal 735101

The remnants of the Jalpaiguri Rajbari (Palace) serve as a major sightseeing spot. The palace gate is a large unreinforced concrete structure. and it consists of a palace building, portico, two temples and a garden flanked by the palace pond, called the “Rajbari Dighi."

Karala River1.72 KMs away from Rajbari Dighi

The small River Karala, popularly known as ‘the Thames of Jalpaiguri’ flows through the middle of the town. A nature walk along the riverbank of Karala is truly refreshing. There is boat riding and a well-maintained park adjacent to the river.

Jalpaiguri Tea Garden3.41 KMs away from Rajbari Dighi

Jalpaiguri has been called as the land of tea, timber, and tourism. Its landscapes are covered with thousands of tea gardens which are the backbone of the district's economy. Tea tourism has been initiated here to take tourists through the knowledge of tea production, processing, and manufacture.