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20 Attractions to Explore Near 108 Shiv Mandir

108 Shiv Mandir
108 Shiv MandirThakur Para, Kalna, West Bengal 713409, India

A famous temple in Bardhaman which was once famous for the battles of the Pathans and Mughals. the reason it's known as 108 Shiv Temple is that there literally are 108 small temples contracted side by side in a beautiful vertical pattern.

Nearby Attractions

RAJBARI KALNA0.23 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

Rajbari Complex consisting of a series of temples and other structures built over a period of more than a hundred years. which are adorned with intricate terracotta tiles depicting images from the mythologies and daily life. All of these are maintained by the Archaeological Authority of India.

Sri Devananda Gaudiya Math
Sri Devananda Gaudiya Math19.71 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

Dedicated to deities Lord Gaura and Lord Gadadhara, this temple is a few hundred years old, built in Champahatti in one of the islands in Navadwipa known as Koladvipa. The Math has been continuing as a famous religious spot thronged by thousands of devotees every year.

Krishnanagar Palace
Krishnanagar Palace23.91 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

This is a royal palace located in the Nadia district of West Bengal. This is the abode of Nadia's Maharaja Krishnachandra is known for its heritage and it's cultures and values.


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Krishnagar is famous for its distinctive and appealing architecture. There are a lot of toursits visiting this palce everyday.

Purbasthali lake
Purbasthali lake26.99 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

This is a beautiful oxbow lake located in the heart of Bardhaman. This river-fed eco-system also forms a cluster of large and small islands. This is home for a lot of migratory birds and a lot of people visit this place every day and is a beautiful picnic spot.

Hanseshwari Temple
Hanseshwari Temple28.70 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

This is a Hindu Temple of goddess Hangseswari. The deity is worshipped as a form of Maa Kali in Hindu mythology. The temple has a distinctive architecture different from the usual pattern of temples. The inner structure of the building resembles human anatomy which is "Tantrik Satchakrabhed" style of architecture. This is a must see place in Hoogly.

Sharatchandra Smriti Mandir
Sharatchandra Smriti Mandir31.72 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

This is the house of Bengali novelist, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay located in the banks of the Rupnarayan river. it now serves as a museum which comprises the works of him and the things he used and all. The house is very old and we can study the architecture of ancient Bengali houses from here.

Bandel Church
Bandel Church33.64 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

The Basilica of the Holy Rosary is one of the oldest Christian churches in West Bengal. It stands as a memorial to the Portuguese settlement in Bengal. Founded in 1599. A lot of people come here daily to visit this ancient wonder.

Jain Brick Temple
Jain Brick Temple33.67 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

Nice Historic place in outskirt of burdwan city named as "Sat Deul" which is an Orissan Rekha- Deul, The temple is "PANCHARATHA" on Plan and Remarkable for Fine Corbelled-Arch at the entrance

Hooghly Imambara
Hooghly Imambara34.88 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

Imambara which is situated on the banks of River Ganga in Chinsurah. This is a Shiah institution for perpetuating the memory of the twelve Imams. The architecture and the painting of this Imambara is truly amazing and this atttracts a lot of people to here.

Dutch Cemetery , Chinsura
Dutch Cemetery , Chinsura36.11 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

Constructed on the order of the director of the Dutch East India Company . The cemetery and all its graves are now maintained and Archaeological Survey of India under the protection of ancient monuments and archaeological sites and remains of national importance.

Mulajore Kali Bari
Mulajore Kali Bari43.54 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

This is an ancient temple that was built in the banks of the Hoogly river. Historically important place. A lot of peoples comes here daily to offer poojas and many tourists also come here to know about this historical place.

Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya (Gandhi Memorial Museum)
Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya (Gandhi Memorial Museum)50.52 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

This is a museum in memorial of Gandhiji which is properly utilizing all the present-day museological media and having developed a range of galleries depicting facets of Gandhiji’s life and philosophy along with different phases of India’s Freedom Movement. It provides interesting and highly informative direct research materials regarding the personality, thinking and the programs of the Mahatma or about events in his life.

Lord Curzon Gate
Lord Curzon Gate50.86 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

The Curzon Gate is a conspicuous milestone in Bardhaman city. was famously erected in 1903, by the king Bijoy Chand Mahatab to celebrate Lord Curzon's visit.

Mangal Pandey Park
Mangal Pandey Park51.06 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

This park is made in memorial of Mangal Pandey in the banks of river Ganga in Barrackpore. There is a huge statue of him in the park. this is a very good place to spend the leisure time without any noise or any other disturbs.

Dudh Pukur tank
Dudh Pukur tank51.53 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

One of the principal attractions of the Tarakeshwar town. Tarakeshwar temple often takes a dip in this tank for the fulfillment of their wishes. It is also believed that the water in the tank possesses medicinal properties and a bath here can keep one healthy.

Sarbamangala Temple
Sarbamangala Temple51.91 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

Sarbamangala is a form of Durga. This temple was formed in the year of 1740 A.D. The temple is highly revered by the natives of Bardhaman. The temple structure is very interesting and Lot of peoples comes to see this temple and its beautiful surroundings.

Meghnad Saha Planetarium
Meghnad Saha Planetarium52.70 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

A place that combines leisure with education which is inaugurated in 1994. It was built by a Japanese Optical Company with assistance from the Japanese and Indian governments.

Bardhaman Science Centre
Bardhaman Science Centre52.78 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

The planetarium is located near the front gate of Burdhaman University. It is the classic spectacle of scientific evolution. Human Performance, Life Science, Fun Science Galleries, 3D Theatre, Taramandal, Science Park are the major attractions.

Mahesh Jagannath Temple
Mahesh Jagannath Temple54.01 KMs away from 108 Shiv Mandir

This is an ancient temple which is famous for its architecture and history in the Hoogly, This temple is built in a different style and the surrounding is very calm and quiet. There is a lot of devotees coming every day.