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Kalachand Temple - Things to Know Before Visiting

Dalmadal Para, Bishnupur, West Bengal 722122, India

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About Kalachand Temple

This is the earliest of the Eka-Ratna temples found in Bishnupur built in 1656 AD by king Raghunath Sinha. The architecture of this temple is quite astonishing which Comprising of a square ground arrangement and a solitary tower laying on a bent rooftop.

Attractions Near Kalachand Temple

Joypur Forest
Joypur Forest 11.3km from Kalachand Temple

Joypur forest is thickly forest stippled with a lot of trees. The clam forest is not only famous for the trees, and there is also large varieties of wild living beings also. An observatory inside the forest gives a panoramic view of the entire forest.

Gokulchand Temple
Gokulchand Temple14.13km from Kalachand Temple

This is a temple that was the grandest of the few Bengal stone temples. The whole temple complex is surrounded by a high wall, giving it the look of fort rather than a temple.

Radha Binod Temple
Radha Binod Temple14.59km from Kalachand Temple

A famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu which was built in 1659 in Achala style of architecture. Today a lot of people visit this temple every day to view this architectural wonder.

Gangani Canyon
Gangani Canyon22.4km from Kalachand Temple

Gangani is a natural canyon situated near the town of Garhbeta, in the Paschim Medinipur district also known as the The Grand Canyon of West Bengal is almost 70 feet deep and is formed due to natural erosion of the Shilabati River. Due to its scenic beauty, the place has become a popular tourist spot.

Hadal Narayanpur
Hadal Narayanpur31.24km from Kalachand Temple

Located on the banks of the Bodai River, the twin-villages of Hadal-Narayanpur is famous for the Mandal family terracotta temples that comprise of Barataraf, Mejotaraf and the Chhototaraf temples.

Garh Mandaran Park
Garh Mandaran Park39.76km from Kalachand Temple

This is a very old fort and park which sits in a serene setting. untouched with pollution and noise. which makes it an ideal place to spend time with friends and family.

Where is Kalachand Temple

Discover More Attractions in Bankura, Where Kalachand Temple Is Located

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Bankura is an administrative unit in the Indian state of West Bengal. The district has been described as the "connecting link between the plains of Bengal on the east and Chota Nagpur plateau on the west.