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Amritdhara Waterfall

Amritdhara Waterfall

77.22km from jogimara caves

This is a natural waterfall with a height of 90 feet which was originating from the Hasdeo river. A Beautiful picnic spot which will blow your mind and this is a good place forweekend getaway with families.

Chaiturgarh fort and  Temple

Chaiturgarh fort and Temple

78.66km from jogimara caves

Situated at a height of 3060 height on the hill top. Archeologists consider it as one of the strongest natural fort. Since it is protected by strong natural walls. It is an Archaeological Survey of India protected monument. Chaiturgarh is one of the 36 forts of Chhattisgarh.

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jogimara caves

jogimara caves

Puta, Chhattisgarh 497333, India

Jogimara caves are situated at Ramgarh hills back in 300 B C. There are paintings of animals, birds, human beings and flowers. These paintings seem to be among the first few early missions towards paintings by human beings. The ancient people have beautifully carved out these caves and we can see the architectural brilliance of the ancient people.