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8 Attractions to Explore Near gadiya pahad

gadiya pahad
gadiya pahadgadiya pahad, Chhattisgarh 494334

The highest mountain in the Kanker district and it is well known for a tank, that never dries up. Trekking area, viewpoint and one can see the whole Kanker district from the top of this hill.

Nearby Attractions

Gangrel Dam
Gangrel Dam40.41 KMs away from gadiya pahad

Longest dam in Chhattisgarh. this is the main water source for the irrigation and other purposes of so many districts and The dam also supplies 10 MW of hydro-electric power capacity.

Rudri Dam
Rudri Dam45.00 KMs away from gadiya pahad

This is huge and beautiful dam located in the heart of Dhamtari. A major water resource and power source of the state. Located in the serene surroundings and surrounded by lush greenery.

Sondur Dam
Sondur Dam49.55 KMs away from gadiya pahad

Sondur dam which was constructed in the year 1988 across Sondur river. The place is very calm and quiet. A beautiful picnic spot which can be explored and can enjoy the valuable times here.

Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary
Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary54.85 KMs away from gadiya pahad

A famous tourist attraction which was a paradise for nature enthusiasts which was established in 1974 and keeping the natural beauty throughout for many more years. Trekking area, adventure and more. A secure place for the endangering wildlife varieties and a place to study about them and their habitat.

Tandula Lake and dam
Tandula Lake and dam57.80 KMs away from gadiya pahad

A huge dam located in the confluence of the Tandula and Sukha Nala rivers which has a capacity of 828sq km. It is the main water resource for some of the districts of Chhattisgarh.

Kharkhara Dam
Kharkhara Dam81.17 KMs away from gadiya pahad

This is a beautiful 1128 meter long dam situated in the Kharkhara river of Balod district. This area is now one of the popular tourist destinations in Chhattisgarh state.

Ghatarani Waterfall
Ghatarani Waterfall86.52 KMs away from gadiya pahad

A waterfall situated in the beautiful locales of thick vegetation. The falls are surrounded by lush greenery which makes it a perfect location to have a family picnic. Trekking and Adventure lovers can explore this area.

Rajiv Lochan Temple
Rajiv Lochan Temple87.98 KMs away from gadiya pahad

A famous temple located on the banks of the Mahanadi river. Every day a lot of devotees visit this temple and there is so many things to see in and around the temple.