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20 Attractions to Explore Near Dhosi Ka Pahad

Dhosi Ka Pahad
Dhosi Ka PahadDhosi Ka Pahad, Haryana 332746

Dhosi Hill is an extinct volcano, standing alone at the north-west end of the Aravalli mountain range, of which it is a part, with height varying from about 345 to 470 meters from the surrounding land and 740 meters from the sea level. It has temple, pond, fort and caves on the top and forest around it. The Aravalli range is a Precambrian Malani igneous suite of rocks that have been dated at 732 Ma BP.

Nearby Attractions

Jal mahal
Jal mahal7.77 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

The Jal Mahal, also known as the Jal Mahal of Narnaul or the Water Palace, is a late 16th century palace, fortification, and artificial lake located in Narnaul, Haryana. Built by a Mughal governor of Narnaul, the structure currently serves as a tourist attraction.

Birla Science Centre
Birla Science Centre55.17 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

This is one of the famous science museum in India. It is the first science & technology museum of India. After its establishment many other technological museums established by taking its inspiration.

Rewari Heritage Steam Loco Shed
Rewari Heritage Steam Loco Shed59.17 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

This is an old railway museum located in the Rewari city of Haryana . it is the only surviving steam locomotive shed in India, and houses some of Indias last surviving locomotives.

Rani Sati Temple
Rani Sati Temple62.20 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

This is the largest temple in India devoted to Rani Sathi. Architectural wonder.

Khetri Mahal- JHUNJHUNU
Khetri Mahal- JHUNJHUNU62.90 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

Also known as wind palace, is a classic example of palace architecture in Jhunjhunu. It is now a ruin, attracting tourists and locals alike.

Sahibi River
Sahibi River71.21 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

A riverfed river flowing through Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi states in India. This is a seasonal river that starts from the Aravalli ranges of Rajasthan.

Masani Barrage
Masani Barrage71.55 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

Masani barrage, also Masani bridge, a barrage on the seasonal Sahibi River completed in 1989, is named after the Masani village in Rewari District of Haryana in India. Masani barrage also serves as a bridge on NH 919. Water storage in the barrage was made perennial in 2017 after a gap of 50 years. This barrage is an important part of an ecological corridor along the route of Sahibi river which traverses from Aravalli hills in Rajasthan to Yamuna via Matanhail forest, Chhuchhakwas-Godhari, Khapar

The Dadhikar Fort
The Dadhikar Fort72.64 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

The Dadhikar Fort is a mid-segment heritage getaway in Alwar, with over 1,100 years of history overlooking Rajasthan countryside and the Aravalli hills.

Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary
Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary73.03 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

It was established as a Bird Sanctuary by the Government of India in 3rd June, 2009. Constructed to store the excess waters of the Jawaharlal Nehru canal at the time of power failure of Lift Canal System, the Sanctuary is spread over an area of 1074 acres. There are many reasons to visit Bhindawas, the main one being is, one can see acres of yellow mustard fields along the road to this wetland, also one can spot innumerable species of water birds flock near a canal .

Siliserh Lake
Siliserh Lake77.04 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

Sprawling over an area of 7 kilometers, this charming lake of Siliserh is fixed in Rajasthan and owes its establishment to Maharaja Vinay Khan in the year 1845. Formerly built to supply water to the city of Alwar,

Siliserh Lake Palace
Siliserh Lake Palace77.46 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

The famous palace is a frequented destination by visitors and travellers looking to refresh themselves from the ruckus of city life. The lake is a famous picnic site in the region, and it imposes itself before the palace in a wonderful natural setting. this is now a heritage hotel by the Rajastan govt.

Alwar Museum
Alwar Museum77.72 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

Situated in the vicinity of City Palace, the Government Museum in Alwar was established in 1940. Housing a brilliant collection of paintings, frescoes, and artifacts, the museum boasts of rich ancient heritage of the royal families.

Alwar City Palace Vinay Villas Palace
Alwar City Palace Vinay Villas Palace77.75 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

Build in the 18th century, this magnificent fort is located in the foothills of Aravalli, right below Bala Quila. The fort is a perfect blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture.

Shree Jagannath Temple
Shree Jagannath Temple80.02 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

This is the oldest Hindu temple located in the Alwar. this temple represents the cultural significance of the Alwar city. The temple’s presiding deity is an anthropomorphic form of Lord Jagannath

Pratapgarh Farms
Pratapgarh Farms 81.28 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

Unique holiday experience comes alive at this ethnic village resort, which offers- sumptuous vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine, live entertainment – folk music and dance, traditional handicrafts by artisans, natural beauty care, sports and adventure activities – in the background of lush green fields. All this makes it a must-visit destination for family picnics/holidays, corporate get-togethers/meetings/ trainings, school trips and rural/ethnic trip for foreign tourists and visitors.

Star Monument
Star Monument 81.39 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

Star monument a stunning architectural beauty, is beyond adequate description. It is a Samadhi of Tarachandji Maharaj, popularly known as Maharajji by his followers. The beautifully shaped building of Star monument was completed in a very short span of just four years by Param Sant Huzur Kanwar Sahebji Maharaj. This modern marvel is situated in the Radhaswami Satsang Bhawan Complex, 12 kms. from Bhiwani.

Sariska Tiger Reserve and national park
Sariska Tiger Reserve and national park 81.98 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

A national park in the Alwar district which has an area of 881 sq km comprising scrub thorn arid forests, dry deciduous forests, grasslands, and rocky hills. This area was a hunting preserve of the Alwar state and declared as a national park in 1955

TIJARA Jain Mandir(1008 Shri Chandra Prabhu Jinalaya)

This is a jain temple dedicated to the Chandraprabha. The white stone idol was retrieved from underground, reinforcing the belief that this place was once a Dehra, a place where Jain idols are worshipped

Nemani Haveli
Nemani Haveli83.00 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

it is a group of Havelis located in the district of Jhunjhunu.

Jaisamand Lake
Jaisamand Lake83.47 KMs away from Dhosi Ka Pahad

This is the second largest artificial lake in Asia.