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About Mahendra Nath Temple, Mehandar (Siwan)

Mahendra Nath Temple is Situated in Mehdar village under Siswan block, about 32 km south from the district headquarters, Mahendra Nath temple of Lord Shiva attracts visitors,including foreigners, from far flung areas.

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Goutam sthan

Goutam sthan

31.49km from Mahendra Nath Temple, Mehandar (Siwan)

This is the Ashram of the Gauam rishi. A place with historical and mythological importance. According to Indian mythology, wife of Gautam rishi was cursed by her husband and transformed into a stone.

Brahmapur Shiv Mandir

Brahmapur Shiv Mandir

46.25km from Mahendra Nath Temple, Mehandar (Siwan)

This is a well-known Shiva temple situated at Berhampur in Prachi valley near Bhubaneswar. This ancient temple is also a landmark destination of Berhampur and lies at a distance of 37 km from the capital city.

Maa Thawewali Temple, Gopalganj, Bihar

Maa Thawewali Temple, Gopalganj, Bihar

49.5km from Mahendra Nath Temple, Mehandar (Siwan)

Thawe Mandir, the Temple of Maa Thawewali is situated in Thawe, in Gopalganj District in the State of Bihar, India. It is only 6 km from Gopalganj town on the Gopalganj-Siwan National Highway.

Kesariya Buddha Stupa

Kesariya Buddha Stupa

57.02km from Mahendra Nath Temple, Mehandar (Siwan)

Considered to be the tallest and biggest Buddhist Stupa in the world, Kesaria Stupa was built by the great ruler Ashoka. This is the place where Buddha in his last days donated his begging bowl. The structure serves as a brilliant example of Buddhist architecture and is adorned with a large number of Buddhist statues.



62.75km from Mahendra Nath Temple, Mehandar (Siwan)

Bihariji Temple, one of the most revered places in the region, is positioned at a distance of 15 km from the township. Located nearby a hamlet known as Dumraon, the temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna, who is also known as Bihari. The temple was constructed in 1825 by the erstwhile King of Dumraon estate, Jaiprakash Singh. Owing to religious significance, the location is thronged by devotees in large numbers.

Vaishali  , ashoka pillar

Vaishali , ashoka pillar

64.59km from Mahendra Nath Temple, Mehandar (Siwan)

Ashok Pillar is the most popular sightseeing destination of Vaishali situated near a Buddhist monastery and a coronation tank, named Ramkund. It is also a Lion Pillar like the other Ashoka Pillars but the difference between this Ashoka Pillar and other Asoka pillars is that, this one has only one lion capital. This pillar was built by Emperor Ashoka at Kolhua out of a polished single piece of red sandstone, cut into a bell shaped capital of a height of 18.3 m.

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Siwan district is one of the districts of Bihar state, India. Siwan town is the administrative headquarters of this district. Siwan district is a part of the Saran Division since 1972. The district was previously also known as Aliganj Siwan after the name of Raja Ali Bux Khan. Siwan has historical and mythological importance attached to it.

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