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Patharighat Swahid sthambha - Things to Know Before Visiting

Patharighat, Assam, India


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About Patharighat Swahid sthambha

This tourist spot is located about 16 kms away from Mangaldai and is considered as one of the prominent places in the state of Assam. This minar was constructed in the memory of the victims of Assamese origin who lost their lives in the Jallianwala Bagh tragedy. We have all read about this incident in our history and have known about brutality people had to suffer for the nation.

Attractions Near Patharighat Swahid sthambha

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary29.01km from Patharighat Swahid sthambha

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra in Morigaon district in Assam, India. It was declared in 1987 and covers 38.85 km2, providing grassland and wetland habitat for the Indian rhinoceros.

The Guwahati War Cemetery
The Guwahati War Cemetery33.33km from Patharighat Swahid sthambha

Gauhati War Cemetery was started all through the Second World War for burials from the several military hospitals published inside the vicinity. Later, other graves had been added in by using the Army Graves Service from Amari Bari Military Cemetery, Sylhet Military Cemetery, Mohachara Cemetery, Nowgong Civil Cemetery and Gauhati Civil Cemetery, where permanent preservation could not be confident.

Peacock Island
Peacock Island33.38km from Patharighat Swahid sthambha

Umananda island is the smallest river island in the midst of river Brahmaputra flowing through the city of Guwahati in Assam, a state in northeast India. The British named the island Peacock Island for its structure. The island can be reached via 10 minute ferry, available from Umananda Ghat, located near Guwahati Highcourt.

Guwahati Planetarium
Guwahati Planetarium33.53km from Patharighat Swahid sthambha

Guwahati Planetarium is one of its kind center of astronomical education and research in Assam and the entire North-Eastern region of India. The Guwahati Planetarium is unrivaled in Assam and the rest of northeast India with its distinctive dome and sloping walls that set it apart in the skyline of the area. The Planetarium uses the Japanese Goto instrument. The hardware includes the Chronos starfield projector, Digital HD video projectors, and the Dolby sky theatre's sound system.

Assam State Museum
Assam State Museum34.14km from Patharighat Swahid sthambha

The Assam State Museum, established as the Assam Provincial Museum was inaugurated in the year 1940 by the then Governor of Assam, Sir Robert Neil Reid. The Kamarupa Anusandhan Samiti established in 1912 along with the Assam State Museum was the brainchild of Rai Bahadur Kanak Lal Barua, whose untiring efforts gave birth to both the institution, serving a common objective i.e. preservation and promotion of Assam’s history and cultural heritage through the collection, research, and publication.

Nehru Stadium, Guwahati
Nehru Stadium, Guwahati34.37km from Patharighat Swahid sthambha

Nehru Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Guwahati, Assam, India and managed by the Board of Sports, Government of Assam. Radha Govinda Baruah supervised, constructed and named the stadium as Nehru Stadium. It is used both for football and cricket matches. The stadium holds 15,000 people at most and was built in 1962. So far it hosted 13 One Day Internationals matches and many matches of top domestic cricket tournaments like Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy and Deodhar Trophy. In football it regul

Where is Patharighat Swahid sthambha

Discover More Attractions in Darrang, Where Patharighat Swahid sthambha Is Located

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Darrang consists of a narrow strip of plain lying between Himalayas and Brahmaputra river in the north-west part of Assam. The land which is now known as Darrang district was included in the Hindu Kingdom of Kamrupa as mentioned in Mahabharata. Its antiquity dates back to the beginning of the sixteenth century when the Koch King Nar Narayan incorporated this district in his Kingdom. In 1637, the Ahom Kingdom was established in the land after the death of the then Koch King Bali Narayana. In 1792