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Aiguille du Midi - Things to Know Before Visiting

74400 Chamonix, France

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About Aiguille du Midi

A mountain in the Mont Blanc mountain ranges. At 3,842 meters high from sea level, it can be accessed directly by a cable car from Chamonix. The summit contains a panoramic viewing platform, a café, and a gift shop. Even in summer, temperatures in the open viewing areas can reach −10 °C (14 °F), and visitors require both warm clothing and protection from very bright sunlight.

Attractions Near Aiguille du Midi

Bossons Glacier
Bossons Glacier2.29km from Aiguille du Midi

The Bossons glacier claims to be the "largest icefall in Europe." It is certainly the fastest moving glacier (300m/year)and it also reacts very quickly to climate change. . It has the largest altitudinal drop of all the alpine glaciers in Europe, and formerly extended much further down the valley than it does today. One of the nice trekking destination and also a nice picnic spot.

Mont Blanc du Tacul
Mont Blanc du Tacul2.53km from Aiguille du Midi

Mont Blanc du Tacul is a snow-capped mountain located in the Mont Blanc Massif, Haute-Savoie, and one of the most important amongst the summits surrounding Mont Blanc. The Normal route of Mont Blanc du Tacul is no difficult route starting from the Refuge des Cosmiques and running on the glacier which occupies the Northern slopes of the mountain with a variety of snow and ice types. One of the nine trekking destinations and also a nice camping spot.

Tunnel du Mont-Blanc
Tunnel du Mont-Blanc3.12km from Aiguille du Midi

The Mont Blanc tunnel is 11.6 km long and connects France and Italy under the highest peak in Europe. It is used by 5,000 vehicles per day on average, 68% being light vehicles. More than a structure, the Mont Blanc Tunnel is an amazing human and technological feat. It took six years, from 1959 to 1965, from the start of work to the inauguration of the Tunnel. One of the architectural wonder in this area which attracts a lot of people.

Pointe Helbronner
Pointe Helbronner5.11km from Aiguille du Midi

Pointe Helbronner forms one part of the French and Italian border high in the mountains. It is 3,466m high and can be reached by cable car too. It forms part of the Alpine mountain border between France and Italy. The Skyway Monte Bianco station platform on Pointe Helbronner offers a remarkable view over the Aosta Valley and the Piedmont region. The French-Italian border splits this platform.

Rifugio Torino
Rifugio Torino5.24km from Aiguille du Midi

The Torino refuge is an alpine refuge, located in Italy in the territory of the municipality of Courmayeur, in the upper Valdigne, in the Aosta Valley, on the Mont Blanc massif, at 3,375 m asl. It is located near the Colle del Gigante, near the watershed and therefore the border between France and Italy, located on the summit of Mont Blanc.

Aiguille du Goûter
Aiguille du Goûter5.35km from Aiguille du Midi

The Aiguille du Goûter is a mountain of the Mont Blanc massif: located under the highest Dôme du Goûter, it is located along the normal French ascent route to Mont Blanc and just below the summit the Goûter Refuge. the summit is accessible from the Nid d'Aigle station of the Tramway du Mont.

Where is Aiguille du Midi

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What Visitors Say About Aiguille du Midi

Albin Varghese
Albin Varghese
Fantastic place, very cold