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Donegal Bay, is a hidden gem. Boasting just over three miles of sandy shoreline and crystal clear waters, it makes for a paradise escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Those who wish to venture out on the lake will find plenty to keep them busy including sailing, fishing, swimming and kayaking - with the option of guided tours or simply enjoying the peacefulness of nature all around.

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Beaver Island Harbor Light

Beaver Island Harbor Light

4.51km from Donegal Bay

Beaver Island Harbor Light, is one of only two surviving lights from the state's earliest range lights. It was first established in 1839 and marks the entrance to Lake Michigan for ships sailing from Peninula Point Harbor. The 45-foot tower and small attached lighthouse keeper’s house were built on a rock platform about 900 feet offshore. The light was automated in 1967 and continues to guide ships safely into the harbor at night.

Little Sand Bay Nature Preserve

Little Sand Bay Nature Preserve

5.01km from Donegal Bay

Little Sand Bay Nature Preserve is a delightful park situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, the preserve covers 29 acres of majestic views and diverse wildlife. Visitors can explore the nature trails, beach areas, and observation points overlooking Little Sand Bay. A wide variety of wildlife call the area home including birds, turtles, foxes, deer and more. Kayakers can spend an afternoon paddling along the bay while anglers fish for trout and salmon in Michigan's most productive fishery.

Whiskey Island

Whiskey Island

8.22km from Donegal Bay

Whiskey Island is a vibrant coastal community known for its abundance of natural beauty as well as recreational opportunities. Located near the northern tip of Lake Michigan, Whiskey island offers ample access to charming white sand beaches, picturesque sunsets, and tranquil harbor towns. Visitors can explore public trails along the waterfront or take part in various activities such as fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, or sightseeing on a charter boat tour.

Squaw Island

Squaw Island

11.04km from Donegal Bay

Squaw Island, located off the shore of Charlevoix County in Michigan, is a beautiful natural wonder. Surrounded by freshwater and tranquil waters, it is an ideal spot for a peaceful getaway. The island boasts numerous amenities such as kayaking, fishing, and hiking trails to explore the area's flora and fauna. Whether you're wanting to take a leisurely boat ride around the island or venture out on adventure in a kayak or canoe, Squaw Island has something to offer everyone!

Beaver Head Light

Beaver Head Light

18.26km from Donegal Bay

Beaver Head Light is located in Charlevoix County,and was first lit in 1884. It stands 95-feet tall, with a brick tower covered in brick lining and completed with a black lantern room made from cast iron. The lighthouse also features a fog signal room where the foghorn can still be heard for miles depending on weather conditions. Its purpose was to guide Great Lakes shipping vessels safely through treacherous waters near Deer Park Point.

Michigan Islands National Wildlife Refuge

The Michigan Islands National Wildlife Refuge, is a sanctuary for some of the most unique and diverse species of wildlife. Home to more than 130 migratory, resident, and endangered bird species, the refuge also provides a safe haven for several species of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Meandering through the marshy islands are old growth forests including maple-beech forest and carpets of wildflowers. The refuge offers nature lovers the ability to explore endless opportunities.

Discover More Attractions in Charlevoix County, Home of Donegal Bay

Charlevoix County

Charlevoix County

21 attractions

Charlevoix County, Michigan is a popular destination for tourists, especially in the summer. Surrounded by beautiful lakes, rivers and the breathtaking Lake Michigan, the area is known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities. Boating, fishing and camping are favorite pastimes while sightseeing and exploring attractions such as Castle Farms or Round Lake Community Park make Charlevoix County hard to resist. For those looking to get a little closer to nature, there are state parks like Charl

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