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State Theatre - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

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About State Theatre

The State Theatre is a unique venue that offers something for everyone. This unique theatre combines classic elements of live theater and film entertainment to create a fun and memorable viewing experience. Audiences can enjoy plays and musicals Put on by local performers or movies projected on the large screen. There are also special events throughout the year like magic shows, dance performances, comedy acts and more.

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Attractions Near State Theatre

Delta College Planetarium

Delta College Planetarium

0.25km from State Theatre

The Delta College Planetarium, is a fantastic attraction for people of all ages. Aside from hosting several educational and entertaining science programs every month, it also houses an impressive collection of artifacts relating to space exploration. It has the distinction of being home to a state-of-the-art digital projection system that displays celestial images at the highest possible resolution. The planetarium also boasts a large nighttime observatory dome.

Third Street Waterfall Park

Third Street Waterfall Park

0.26km from State Theatre

Third Street Waterfall Park is a hidden gem of the Midwest. Visitors come from miles around to enjoy its stunning outdoor beauty and numerous recreation opportunities, including several waterfalls surrounded by lush ferns and bamboo, two islands connected by wooden bridges, walking trails, and fishing spots with plenty of delicious trout. The park also features a picnic area nestled in a shady corner, offering an ideal spot for family meals or small gatherings.

Wenonah Park at World Friendship Shell

Wenonah Park at World Friendship Shell is an exciting and beautiful place to visit. Surrounded by the Saginaw River on one side and a variety of wildlife on the other, the park offers gorgeous views, fishing opportunities and plenty of recreational activities. The park is also home to a large amphitheater which hosts various concerts throughout the year. Visitors can participate in nature walks and explore miles of walking trails along with playgrounds, volleyball courts, picnic areas.

Liberty Bridge

Liberty Bridge

0.6km from State Theatre

Liberty Bridge is an iconic structure in Bay County, providing the community with a convenient way to cross the Saginaw River. Built in 1927, this elegant bridge combines steel and concrete to support traffic over the waterway. Placed at the same location as a previous wood truss bridge, Liberty Bridge has become an essential part of outdoor recreation in the area. It is both a symbol of strength and engineering prowess, standing strong against extreme weather conditions.

Veteran Memorial Bridge

Veteran Memorial Bridge

0.61km from State Theatre

The Veteran Memorial Bridge is a major transportation hub, connecting the cities of Bay City and Bangor Township. Built in 1957, this bridge has been a source of pride for the locals. The views from it are nothing short of amazing: as travelers cross the bridge, they can enjoy clear views of the Saginaw River and its tributary, Wenonah Park. It is also unique in that it includes medallions of different branches of military service to honor local military veterans who have served this country.

Bay City Hall

Bay City Hall

0.7km from State Theatre

Bay City Hall, is the hub of government activity for the county. Situated on Saginaw Street at the intersection of Center Avenue, City Hall oversees many committees dedicated to bettering the Bay County community. The Mayor and Council serve full-time roles at City Hall and are responsible for making decisions that affect the entire county. Additional resources available at City Hall include building permits, trash collection services, public records, events information, and development plans.

Discover More Attractions in Bay County, Home of State Theatre

Bay County

Bay County

13 attractions

Bay County, Michigan is situated in the heart of the Lower Peninsula along Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron. It offers an abundance of natural beauty and plenty of recreational activities to enjoy year-round. With over 1,000 miles of shoreline and 4 public beaches, Bay County provides visitors with a wide variety of outdoor experiences such as swimming, boating, fishing, wildlife watching and more. Its 23 communities are all unique in their own way offering a variety of history and culture. From quaint

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