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Carpenter Park is a beautiful outdoor area that offers something for everyone. There are two hiking trails to choose from, each offering spectacular views of the surrounding forest and lush greenery. Visitors can also experience the unique local wildlife on tours or explore the marshland nearby by kayak or canoe. The park is a great place to spend quality time with nature and connect with it through activities such as bird watching and nature photography.

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Air Combat Museum

Air Combat Museum

4.51km from Carpenter Park

The Air Combat Museum is one of the most remarkable attractions in the area. It showcases an amazingly detailed collection of aviation artifacts and memorabilia dating back to World War I. A striking feature is the F-14 Tomcat cockpit that visitors can climb into for a truly extraordinary experience. The museum also offers its guests many other educational opportunities as well, such as guided tours that highlight the history of military aviation and explain basic interworking of its components.

Lincoln Monument Association

Lincoln Monument Association

5.75km from Carpenter Park

The Lincoln Monument Association, was established with the mission to create a monument honoring America's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. The organization achieved this goal on May 4th 1916 when the granite monument was unveiled. In addition to providing potential visitors with information about this monument, the association also works to preserve and promote Lincoln’s legacy through educational programs and events.

Illinois Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Illinois Vietnam Veterans Memorial

6.36km from Carpenter Park

The Illinois Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a powerful tribute to those who answered the call of duty. Located on the grounds of the state Capitol complex, the monument recognizes veterans of all branches of service who served during the United States involvement in Vietnam, as well as those killed or missing in action. The names of more than 2,120 deceased servicemen and women are listed chronologically by date they lost their lives, ranked highest-to-lowest by branch.

Illinois Korean War Memorial

Illinois Korean War Memorial

6.44km from Carpenter Park

The Illinois Korean War Memorial was built to honor the brave soldiers who fought for freedom and democracy during the Korean War. Located on the grounds of Camp Lincoln, in Springfield, IL, this memorial features a striking statue of a soldier with his head bowed, paying tribute to those who served. Additionally, the memorial features two walls inscribed with the names of all 93 Illinoisans who gave their lives in this war.

Springfield Art Association/Edwards Place Historic Home

The former home of Benjamin Edwards, built in 1839, has been restored to its original architectural style with Greek Revival and Italianate elements. Today, the site hosts a variety of events including art exhibitions, educational workshops and cultural performances. Visitors can also learn more about the rich history of the building as they explore its stately rooms which preserve furniture and artifacts from the early 19th century.

Camp Butler National Cemetery

Camp Butler National Cemetery

7.27km from Carpenter Park

Camp Butler National Cemetery is a solemn reminder of the sacrifices made by the brave men and women of the United States military. Spanning an area of over 73 acres, the cemetery holds the gravesites of over 48,000 people including veterans from every major nuclear conflict since World War II. This includes soldiers who have simply served their country with honor as well as those awarded a Medal of Honor and other prestigious awards.

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Sangamon County

Sangamon County

25 attractions

Sangamon County, Illinois, is a vibrant and diverse area with much to offer to both locals and visitors alike. Located in the central part of the state, it enjoys easy access to nearby major cities like Chicago and St. Louis. Boasting a wide range of outdoor activities such as golfing and fishing, sporting events at the University of Illinois' Springfield campus, fine dining options, shopping galore, museums and landmark sites, Sangamon County has something for everyone. Whether exploring its wo

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