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360 CHICAGO - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

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About 360 CHICAGO

360 CHICAGO, is a top-notch tourist attraction as well as a popular local haunt. Home to the iconic skyline view from atop the historic John Hancock Center building, 360 CHICAGO opens its doors to all who seek to take it in. Offering 100 miles of picturesque scenery and amazing city skylines coupled with interactive experiences both inside and outside the enclosed observation level, 360 CHICAGO has something to offer everyone looking for a unique experience.

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Attractions Near 360 CHICAGO

875 N Michigan Ave

875 N Michigan Ave

0.03km from 360 CHICAGO

875 North Michigan Avenue is a stunning piece of architecture located in the heart of a bustling city. This building was designed by award-winning architects and boasts an impressive aesthetic with its towering height and sleek glass exterior. The lobby has modern furnishings and finishes, creating a sophisticated first impression. It is home to numerous tenants as well as amenities such as office space, terraces for outdoor gatherings, fitness centers, and gourmet dining establishments.

875 North Michigan Avenue

875 North Michigan Avenue

0.04km from 360 CHICAGO

875 North Michigan Avenue, is a world-renowned structure that is instantly recognizable for its majestic presence. Built in 1925 and formerly known as The John Hancock Center, the building stands at an incredible 1 128 feet tall and boasts 99 floors of gleaming glass, steel, and concrete. It was built by architect Bruce Graham and engineer Fazlur Rahman Khan, who gave it an innovative design to make it the tallest concrete structure in the world at the time of construction.

Chicago Sports Museum

Chicago Sports Museum

0.12km from 360 CHICAGO

The Chicago Sports Museum is a great spot for any sports fan! It houses decades-worth of sports memorabilia, ranging from equipment used by the Bulls to articles written about the Cubs. Visitors can spend hours exploring its interactive exhibits, including simulating plays with an interactive wall and taking virtual reality tours of Olympic sites. The museum also features a theater where they show classic matches and highlight top players in all your favorite sports franchises.

City Gallery in the Historic Water Tower

This Tower, is a magnificent venue for art lovers and history buffs alike. Located in Chicago's iconic 1869 limestone water tower building, the gallery features permanent and rotating exhibitions of photography and design works that capture local culture, as well as national artwork from renowned photographers and contemporary visual artists. The building itself offers a unique look into the past but with modern amenities like an ADA-compliant elevator and restrooms.

Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA Chicago)

The Museum Of Contemporary Art is a staple of Cook County and one of the most well-known art museums for modern and contemporary art. MCA Chicago offers a vast range of exhibitions, performances, talks, tours and educational experiences for all ages. Some of their most notable works include photography by Cindy Sherman, painting from Richard Tuttle, sculptures by Barbara Kruger, textile work from Sheila Hicks and installations from artists such as Rafa Esparza and Katie Herzog.

Magnificent Mile

Magnificent Mile

0.47km from 360 CHICAGO

The Magnificent Mile is an iconic stretch of many of the city's finest attractions and entertainment. From world class luxury shopping to lakefront park amenities, the Magnificent Mile is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the Windy City. Magnificent Mile covers 13 blocks along Michigan Avenue that are filled with some of Chicago's most recognizable landmarks and landmark stores, including the John Hancock Center, Water Tower Place Shopping Mall and Tribune Tower.

Discover More Attractions in Cook County, Home of 360 CHICAGO

Cook County

Cook County

90 attractions

Cook County, Illinois is the most populous county in the state and home to over 5 million people. Located mostly within the Chicago metropolitan area, it includes downtown Chicago as well as many suburbs. Originally created in 1831, many of its municipalities offer renowned museums, parks, and activities that draw tourists from around the world. The county also has an extensive transportation infrastructure with multiple major highways and public transit options such as buses and rail lines. Add

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