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Lula Falls, a breathtaking sight, offers something for everyone. If you're looking for an adventurous hike or an idyllic spot to take a break from the world and enjoy nature, Lula Falls won't disappoint. Surrounded by lush plantation forests, the limestone-cascading falls provide an escape with cascading waterfalls that are surrounded by verdant foliage and captivating wildlife. With its natural setting and vibrant springs, visitors can also enjoy hiking trails, bird watching, and all so more.

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Lula Lake Land Trust

Lula Lake Land Trust

1.98km from Lula Falls

Lula Lake Land Trust is a breath of fresh air for nature-lovers. With over six miles of public trails and five spectacular waterfalls, this natural area offers an idyllic escape from the stresses of daily life. As a part of their mission to protect and restore the area’s natural resources, Lula Lake has made sure these areas remain inaccessible to motorized vehicles. Boasting a diverse array of flora and fauna, Lula Lake Land Trust is the perfect place to go.

Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain

5.14km from Lula Falls

Lookout Mountain, is indeed a sight to behold. Its lush and rolling hills, mighty ridges and dense forests are awe-inspiring and has become a popular outdoor retreat for many. The steep cliffs at the top of Lookout Mountain offer some of the best views in north Georgia. With temperatures staying mild even during winter months, it makes for a great place to enjoy camping, hiking or simply to take in the beauty of nature.

Chickamauga And Chattanooga National Military Park

The Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park is an essential part of American history. The park preserves the site of two major battles during the Civil War as well as many other historic sites such as cannons, fortifications and monuments. Here, visitors can explore the history of the area and gain a better understanding of important episodes in civil war history such as Union General Sherman's Atlanta campaign and the Battle of Lookout Mountain.

Lookout Mountain Incline Railway

Lookout Mountain Incline Railway

8.53km from Lula Falls

Lookout Mountain Incline Railway is a remarkable engineering feat. It takes riders from the mountain's bottom to its summit in just three and a half minutes, reaching an average grade of up to 72.7% for part of its run and making it one of the steepest passenger railway climbs in the world! Operated continuously since 1895, it still uses cars pulled by an original steam locomotive built in 1895. This classic locomotive is fueled with wood and powered by an innovative reversible steam engine.

Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park

Chickamauga And Chattanooga National Military Park is one of the most significant historic sites in the United States. Spanning over 10,000 acres, with two battle fields and several military monuments, it commemorates five separate Civil War battles that were fought in the area between 1863 and 1865. This national park also features 3 major observation towers that offer spectacular views of Lookout Valley and the Tennessee River.

Snodgrass Hill

Snodgrass Hill

9.26km from Lula Falls

Snodgrass Hill, is a beautiful and unique destination. From its sweeping vistas to its picturesque mountain passes, this area provides visitors with breathtaking views of nature. Visitors can take in the fresh smells of nearby streams and pines while hiking or simply exploring the landscape. Rich in Civil War history and boasting many outdoor recreational activities, Snodgrass Hill is sure to leave a lasting impression with all who visit - there's something for everyone!

Discover More Attractions in Walker County, Home of Lula Falls

Walker County

Walker County

19 attractions

Walker County is situated within the northwest corner of the great state of Georgia. The county was originally named after Freeman Walker, a senator of the Confederate States during the American Civil War. Today, Walker County is home to a vibrant population of over 68,000 people who give it its unique culture and charm. From Lookout Mountain to Dutton Springs State Park, there's plenty explore in this region of Georgia. Industry plays an important role in the local economy with manufacturing an

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