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Vaughters Farm - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

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About Vaughters Farm

Vaughters Farm, is a picturesque 300-acre farm surrounded by over 500 acres of pristine nature conservation. It is family owned and has been around since 1946 when the Vaughter family descendants acquired it and began farming the land. The farm specializes in early maturing vegetables and their crops include butter beans, okra, peppers, squash and tomatoes produced free of herbicides and pesticides.

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Attractions Near Vaughters Farm

Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve

Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve, located in Dekalb county, is a popular spot for outdoor recreation and exploration. The great diversity of wildlife and plants found in the preserve provide visitors with an incredible experience. Across its over 400 acres of undeveloped land, the preserve features streams and creeks, valleys and ridges, two granite monadnocks, stunning views of the Atlanta skyline, a 12-mile multi-use trail system, plenty of picnic areas and more!

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area

1.98km from Vaughters Farm

This is a unique and beautiful combination of natural habitats and cultural history. Designated as a heritage area in 2006, the region encompasses 38,000 acres and boasts 11 miles of hiking trails, three lakes, an abundance of native flora and fauna, and dozens of archaeological sites. On top of this stand out features like geological feature "the Rock" that was sacred to Creek Indians as well as Civil War-era workings at Bark Camp Creek that still remain partially intact.

Flat Rock Archive

Flat Rock Archive

4.85km from Vaughters Farm

The Flat Rock Archive, is an important reminder of African American life and culture during the Reconstruction era. It contains artifacts such as documents, objects, photographs, and other materials that vividly illustrate the struggle that African Americans faced while attempting to reconstruct their lives. Additionally, the archives show how many African Americans made contributions to the local community in spite of discrimination and injustice.

Panola Mountain State Park

Panola Mountain State Park

6.49km from Vaughters Farm

Panola Mountain State Park is a highly sought-after recreational area located in Rockdale County, Georgia. Nestled atop Panola Mountain, this 1040-acre park offers visitors breathtaking views of the Atlanta skyline, wooded landscapes and rolling hills. From leisurely hikes through well kept trails to educational learning programs, this scenic destination has something for everyone. Not to mention outdoor activities such as fishing, boating and even rock climbing!

Panola Mountain

Panola Mountain

7.51km from Vaughters Farm

Panola Mountain, is a natural area of immense beauty and variety. It covers 1,860 acres of forestland and granite boulders, with a 24-acre lake surrounded by trails, boardwalks and open meadows. One of the most popular activities at Panola Mountain is hiking an eight-mile network of trails ranging from easy to more challenging routes. Along these routes visitors can observe a wide variety of wildlife species including White Tail Deer, Beavers and Foxes.

Johnson Park

Johnson Park

8.23km from Vaughters Farm

Johnson Park is a beautiful and vibrant park that offers something for everyone. It has several well-maintained jogging and walking trails that wind through a variety of scenery, including woods, fields, ponds and wetlands. The park also has an active playground area where kids can run around and have fun with swings, slides, and other activities. In addition to these recreational amenities, the park also houses a historic cabin which was built by a local family back in the 1800's.

Discover More Attractions in DeKalb County, Home of Vaughters Farm

DeKalb County

DeKalb County

43 attractions

DeKalb County, located in the metropolitan Atlanta area, is a vibrant and diverse community that offers something for everyone. The population of over 700,000 is composed of both native Georgians and transplants from other countries and states. With an abundance of recreational activities ranging from historic parks to music festivals and world-class museums, DeKalb County serves as a cultural hub for the metro region. In addition to its culture, DeKalb boasts wonderful educational institutions

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