Attractions to explore nearby Jain Temple - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Jain Temple

Jain TempleHastinapur, Uttar Pradesh 250404, India

Shri Digamber Jain Bada Mandir is a Jain temple complex located in Hastinapur, Uttar Pradesh. The oldest temple is of 16th Jain Tirthankar, Shri Shantinath, which was built in the year 1801.

Jambudweep Jain Tirth1.55 KMs away from Jain Temple

Jambudweep is a Digambara Jain temple in Hastinapur, Uttar Pradesh built under the blessings of Gyanmati Mataji in 1972. The official name of the tirtha is the Digambar Jain Institute of Cosmographic Research and its main attraction is the building constructed as a model of Jambudvipa.

Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary2.56 KMs away from Jain Temple

Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area in the Gangetic plains of Uttar Pradesh which lies on the western bank of the Ganges River having a collection of Large variety of Flora and Fauna.  There is also a large variety of wildlife species also.