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Gulab Bari the Tomb of Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula is in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. This place has a good collection of roses of various varieties set by the sides of water fountains. Gulab bari si the mausoleum of the Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula. This monument has declared to be of National Importance under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act.

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22.2km from Imambada Gulab Bari

Chhawani is a historic place near Amorha in the Basti district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. it is also known as a place of freedom struggle of Raja Zalim Singh's State Amorha . t was the main shelter for Indian fighters during the 1857 mutiny and is noted for a Pipal tree where about 250 freedom fighter was hanged by the British Government in action after the murder of General Fort.

Parijaat Tree

Parijaat Tree

71.48km from Imambada Gulab Bari

The Parijaat tree is a sacred baobab tree in the village of Kintoor, near Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is a protected tree situated in the Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh, India. By the order of local district magistrate, any kind of damage to the tree is strictly prohibited. The tree is known as baobab in modern science which is originated in Sub-sahara Africa and hence its presence in the fertile land of India makes it rare.

Bijlipur Temple

Bijlipur Temple

73.09km from Imambada Gulab Bari

The temple built by the erstwhile Maharaja of Balrampur in the 19th century.The temple holds great significance for the population of the area and is a popular venue for mundan (shaving the head of 1 year-olds) of children of this area. There is no idol in the main temple. There is a deep hole in the ground that is covered with cloth and prayers to the Devi are performed over it.

Ananda Bodhi Tree

Ananda Bodhi Tree

81.79km from Imambada Gulab Bari

The famous and sacred Bodhi Tree of the Buddhists tradition, Also known by Ananda Bodhi Tree & Maha Bodhi Tree, This holiest tree stands just near in-front of the ruins of Jetavana Monastery. This famous tree has surrounded by a brick wall with all side and also with a entry gate.

Jetavana  Monastry

Jetavana Monastry

81.8km from Imambada Gulab Bari

The Jetavana Monastery Shravasti was one of the most famous of the Buddhist monasteries in India. It was the second monastery donated to Buddha, after the Veluvana in Rajagaha- modern day Rajgir. Jetavana Monastery Shravasti In India is located just outside the old city of Shravasti. Jetavana was the place where Buddha gave many teachings and delivered many of the discourses for the first time more than in any other place.

Devi Patan Temple

Devi Patan Temple

86.88km from Imambada Gulab Bari

Devi Patan is a very famous temple situated in Tulsipur, It is the temple of Ma Pateshwari and goes by the name Devi Patan. The temple is one of the famous 51 Shakti Peethas of Ma Durga.

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Faizabad district, officially Ayodhya district, is one of the 75 districts of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The city of Ayodhya, which is also notable for being the birthplace of Hindu deity Rama, is the administrative headquarters of the district. The official name of the district was changed from Faizabad to Ayodhya in November 2019 under Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath.

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